Growing stronger every day with Eringold Calf Milk Replacers

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For the past two decades Eringold Calf Milk Replacers have been to the fore in allowing local livestock farmers to maximise growth rates from their stock during the most crucially important weeks of their development.

The reputation built up by the brand reflects the close co-operation that exists between Eringold and the Schils Van Drie Group.

The Dutch company has been a specialist manufacturer of milk replacers for many years. Its expertise in this field has been honed over many years as one of Europe’s largest producers of veal. The company currently rears over one million calves on its own units annually.

Eringold’s Chris Mollan takes up the story: “I have worked with the Schils’ management team so as to ensure that the Eringold range meets the specific nutritional needs of calves reared in the UK and Irish Markets.

“All the ingredients are of the highest quality and with the inclusion of Schils’ Protection Plus package, containing polyclonal antibodies and live yeast, the need to administer medication to young stock during the calf rearing phase is significantly reduced.

“The Eringold range also contains a stimulant to help encourage young calves to consume concentrate. We recommend that starter should be offered to calves from Day three onwards. And, of course, this means that animals can be weaned proportionately earlier.

“Demand for the Eringold range continues to grow. Our customers recognise the quality of the products and the fact that their calves thrive from the instant they are placed on the milks. From a nutritional point of view the products are perfectly balanced, ensuring that calves are allowed to achieve optimal growth rates at all times.

“I have visited the Schils’ manufacturing plant in the Netherlands many times over the years and it is safe to say that no stone is left unturned to ensure that the milk replacers manufactured there are consistently of the highest quality.”

The Eringold Range comprises of the Eringold Super, Eringold Extra and the Eringold OXI. They can be used in all scenarios: bucket feeding; group test feeding and in automatic feeders.

Chris Mollan again: “Repeated research has shown that the attainment of accelerate growth rates pre weaning, will allow heifers to achieve earlier bulling weights, thereby reducing the time down to 22 to 24 month first calving age.

“In addition, these animals will, invariably, secure higher lifetime milk yields. This reflects the higher lactation yields which they are capable of achieving and their greater longevity within a milking group.”

For more info on the Eringold range, for advice on calf rearing and feeding instructions contact Chris on 07739061672.