Harkin appointed new chairman

Mr Thomas Harkin the New Chairman of Tyrone Farming Society and Mr Joe Crozier the New Vice Chairman have their picture taken during the A.G.M. Jmac-03
Mr Thomas Harkin the New Chairman of Tyrone Farming Society and Mr Joe Crozier the New Vice Chairman have their picture taken during the A.G.M. Jmac-03

North Tyrone man Thomas Harkin has been appointed the new chairman of the Tyrone Farming Society.

Harkin, from Loughash, Donemana, takes over the reins from Alan Kyle.

Following his appointment at the Society’s AGM on Wednesday evening Mr Harkin said he was relishing a hectic and enjoyable year.

“I’m looking forward to heading up a strong team and committee in ensuring that the annual Omagh Show remains one of the top agricultural shows in the country,” he said.

“It’s going to a real challenge for me to follow in the footsteps of my predecessor Alan Kyle, Jennifer Hawkes, John Chambers and the many others before them.

“I’m also delighted that I will have the support of a very capable vice-chairman in Joe Crozier.”

Planning for the 2017 Omagh Show will begin in earnest next month. This year the annual farming showpiece takes place on Friday, June 30 and Saturday, July 1.

The appointment of office bearers and the various committees was conducted by Mr. Rodney Hamill of HamillMcIlwaine, Accountants.


President: His Grace the Duke of Abercorn KG.

Vice- presidents: Mr. D.E. Waterson, Mr. R. Orr.

Chairman: Mr. Thomas Harkin.

Vice-chairman: Mr. Joe Crozier.

Executive committee: Mr. G. Armstrong, Mr. D. Beattie, Mr. C. Broderick, Mr. G. Broderick, Mr. N.A. Broderick, Mr. S. Brown, Mr. D. Campbell, Mr. J. Chambers, Mr. J. Crozier, Mr. R. Goligher, Mr. A. Hamilton, Mr. H. Hassard, Mr. A. Hawkes, Mrs. J. Hawkes, Mr. K. Hawkes, Mr. C. Harkin, Mr. T. Harkin, Mr. B. Johnston, Mrs. F. Johnston, Mr. A. Kyle, Mr. G. Lee, Mr. J. Marshall, Mrs. V. McConnell, M/s A. McDermott, Mr. G.McFarland, Mr. K. McGinn, Mr. R. Orr, Mr. A. Pollock, Mr. K. Pollock, Mr. R.A. Pollock, Mr. J. Robinson, Mr. D. Stewart, Mr. W. Tait, Mr. S. Wilson, Mr. W. Wilson, Mr. S. Wright.

County Tyrone YFC representatives: Mr. A. Wilson, Mr. G. Hamilton.

Honorary secretary: Mr. C. Broderick.

Honorary treasurer: Mr. R.A. Pollock.


Cattle: G. Broderick, S. Wright, H. Stewart, J. Allen, C. McIlwaine, A. Hawkes, , P. Stewart, S. Brown, G. Lyons, T. Henderson, W. Short, J. Moore, D. Stewart, A. Irwin, D. Beattie, R. Orr, Gr. Hawkes, A. Kyle, K. Preston

Sheep: H. Stewart, C. Harkin, R. Devine, W. Tait, J. Foster, A. Hamilton, A. Hawkes, P. Colhoun, S. Lyons, D. Moffitt.

Equestrian: J. Chambers, D. Waterson, R. Hetherington, H. Hassard, F. Monteith, A. McDermott, K. Semple, J. Finlay, S. McAleer, I. McAleer.

Grounds: S. Wright, K. Hawkes, S. Brown, J. Robinson, D. Campbell, G. Armstrong, J. Chambers, A. Pollock, C. Harkin, A. Kyle.

Finance: R.A.Pollock, G. Broderick, K. McGinn, D. Campbell, J. Chambers, J. Hawkes, E. Cartwright (Executive Secretary).

Poultry: A. Wylie, S. Brown, O. Anderson, R. McLaren, S. Hawkes

Entertainments: J. Hawkes, C. Broderick

Safety officers for Omagh Show: J. Hawkes, A. McDermott, J. Robinson, G. Lee, D. Campbell, A. Hamilton, N. Broderick

Honorary veterinary surgeons for Omagh Show: Mr. R.H.A. Smith, Newtownsewart, Mr. D. Stewart Strule Veterinary Services Omagh/Newtownstewart, Mr. J. Callion, Spires Veterinary Practice, Omagh, Fairgreen Veterinary Practice, Fintona.

Bankers: First Trust Bank, Omagh, Ulster Bank, Omagh, AIB Bank, Letterkenny.

Accountants: HamillMcIlwaine, Omagh.

Solicitors: McConnell & Fyffe, Omagh.

Northern Ireland Shows Association representatives: T. Harkin, J. Hawkes, E. Cartwright.

Irish Shows Association representatives: E. Cartwright, S. McAleer, T. Harkin, J. Chambers.