Heavy hoggets sell from £95 to £101.50 at Markethill Mart

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 1,280 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday, April 17 returned a steady trade for spring lambs and hoggets 620 hoggets had a complete clearance with heavy hoggets selling from £95 to £101.50 each with good quality pens selling from 390p to 409p per kilo for 24.8 kilos at £101.50 each followed by 395p per kilo for 25.4 kilos at £100.20 each.

Good quality middleweight hoggets sold from 395p to 422p per kilo for 20.4 kilos at £86 each followed by 402p per kilo for 20.4 kilos at £86 each.

An increased entry of 210 spring lambs sold to a top of 524p per kilo for 12.4 kilos at £65 each followed by 451p for 20.6 kilos at £93 each.

Heavy spring lambs sold to £106 paid for 24.3 kilos followed by £105 for 24.9 kilos at 422p per kilo.

All good quality heavy lambs sold from £100 to £106 each.

An entry of 240 cull ewes sold to a top of £91 each with all fleshed ewes selling from £85 to £91 each with poorer quality ewes from £62 to £84 each.

A large entry in the breeding ring returned an excellent trade with good quality doubles selling at £255, £252 and £245 each and several more outfits from £208 to £242 each.

Singles sold to £225, £212 and £210 each with others from £168, £182 and £198 each.


Mountnorris producer 24.8k, £101.50, 409p/k; Newry producer 25.4k, £100.20, 395p/k; Collone farmer 25.4k, £99.50, 392p/k; Mountnorris producer 24.1k, £94, 390p/k; Markethill producer 25.6k, £98.20, 384p/k; Caledon producer 26.6k, £102, 383p/k and Markethill producer 25.3k, £96.20, 380p/k.


Markethill producer 20.4k, £86, 422p/k; Portadown producer 20k, £80.50, 403p/k; Dungannon producer 23k, £91, 396p/k; Loughbrickland producer 203k, £79.50, 392p/k; Armagh producer 23k, £90, 391p/k; Keady producer 22k, £84.50, 384p/k and Glenanne producer 23k, £86, 374p/k.


Loughbrickland producer 19.3k, £85, 440p/k; Armagh producer 19.5k, £76.50, 392p/k; Kilkeel producer 19.4k, £74.50, 384p/k and Aughnacloy producer 18.5k, £62, 335p/k.


Banbridge producer 12.4k, £65, 524p/k; 17.5k, £75, 429p/k and 16k, £65, 406p/k.


Armagh producer 20.6k, £93, 452p/k; Scarva producer 21.7k, £97.50, 449p/k; Portadown producer 20.8k, £93, 447p/k; Armagh producer 21k, £93, 443p/k; Whitecross producer 21k, £92, 438p/k; Armagh producer 22.1k, £96, 434p/k and Loughbrickland producer 22k, £95.50, 434p/k.


Collone producer 24.3k, £106, 436p/k; Armagh producer 24.9k, £105, 422p/k; Markethill producer 25.6k, £105, 410p/k; Newry producer 24.7k, £100, 405p/k and Portadown producer 24.7k, £99.5, 403p/k.