Heavy lambs sell from £69 to £75 each at Markethill Mart

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 1600 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday, September 25 sold in an easier trade for all classes.

Heavy lambs sold from £69 to £75 each and with good quality pens selling from 275p to 300p per kilo for 24 kilos at £72 each.

Good quality middleweight lambs sold from 300p to 331p per kilo paid for 20.7 kilos at £68.50 each for a Coalisland farmer followed by 318p per kilo paid for 22 kilos at £70 each from a Portadown producer.

Light store lambs sold from 350p to 380p per kilo for 14.2 kilos at £54 each from a kilcoo farmer.

Stronger store lambs sold to 360p per kilo for 17.1 kilos at £61.50 from a Dromara producer.

Good quality cull ewes sold from £60 to £74 each with plainer ewes from £40 to £55 each.

A special sale of Pedigree Texel rams sold to a top of 420 guineas for a ram lamb followed by 370 guineas for a ram lamb and 360 guineas for a shearling ram lamb.

Shearling Texel rams sold to 360 guineas each with others from 250 to 300 guineas each.

Breeding hoggets sold to a top of £165 each with other pens at £155, £150 and £145.

Main demand from £115 to £142 each.


Annaghmore producer: 24k, £72, 300p; Markethill farmer: 24k, £71.50, 298p; Tullymacreeve seller: 29.7k, £86, 289p; Donacloney farmer: 24.3k, £70, 289p; Dungannon producer: 26k, £75, 288p; Tullyvallen farmer: 25k, £72, 288p and Foley producer: 25k, £72, 288p.


Coalisland producer: 20.7k, £68.50, 331p; Portadown farmer: 22k, £70, 318p; Tandragee farmer: 20k, £63.50, 318p; Mullabawn farmer: 20.7k, £64, 309p; Armagh farmer: 22.5k, £69.50, 309p; Newtownhamilton farmer: 23.5k, £72.50, 309p; Annaghmore producer: 23.4k, £72, 308p and Dungannon producer: 20k, £61.50, 308p.


Kilcoo farmer: 14.2k, £54, 380p; Rathfriland farmer: 15k, £57, 380p; Hilltown farmer: 15.6k, £59, 378p; Dungannon producer: 15.5k, £58, 374p; Whitecross farmer: 17.1k, £63.50, 371p; Dungannon farmer: 14.3k, £53, 371p and Draperstown producer: 15.3k, £56, 366p.