Heavy lambs sell to £89 each at Markethill

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An entry of 1780 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday continued to sell in a very good trade.

Heavy lambs sold to £89 each with several pens selling from £83 to £87 each. Main demand sold from 325p to 344p per kilo for 24.7 kilos at £85 each.

Middleweight lambs sold from 340p to 373p per kilo for 22 kilos at £82 each.

Light stores sold to 399p per kilo for 14.9 kilos at £59.50 each. All good quality pens sold from 370p to 398p per kilo. Stronger stores sold from 340p to 373p per kilo for 17.7 kilos at £66 each.

The 200 cull ewes sold in a steady demand from £70 to £97 each. Plainer pens sold from £50 to £65 each.

A full yard of breeding sheep sold in a very strong trade. Top price of £168 was paid for 16 two year old ewes for a Moira farmer. Several more pens sold from £130 to £160 each. Rams sold to £340 each with several more from £270 to £310 each.

HEAVY LAMBS: Jerrettspass farmer: 24.7k, £85, 344p: Jerrettspass farmer: 24.5k, £84, 343p: Newry farmer: 24k, £82.20, 343p: Portadown farmer: 24.2k, £82, 339p: Armagh farmer: 25.2k, £85, 337p: Armagh farmer: 24.9k, £83.50, 335p: Pomeroy farmer: 25.4k, £85, 335p.

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Portadown farmer: 22k, £82, 373p: Armagh farmer: 22.5k, £81.50, 362p: Portadown farmer: 22k, £78, 355p: Warrenpoint farmer: 21k, £74, 352p: Lislea farmer: 23.5k, £82, 349p: Portadown farmer: 23.3k, £81, 348p.

STORES: Mullabawn farmer: 14.9k, £59.50, 399p: Poyntzpass farmer: 15.3k, £61, 398p: Richhill farmer: 14.7k, £58, 394p: Mullabawn farmer: 15.6k, £61.50, 394p: Tynan farmer: 14k, £55, 390p: Portadown farmer: 15.6k, £60.50, 387p: Tynan farmer: 16.4k, £63.50, 387p: Galbally farmer: 16.9k, £65, 384p: Galbally farmer: 16.8k, £64, 380p: Loughgall farmer: 17k, £64.50, 379p.