Heavy lambs selling from £75 to £79 each at Markethill Mart

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 1600 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday, August 28, sold in a steady trade for cull ewes and fat lambs. Store trade was slightly firmer. Breeding hoggets sold in a slightly easier demand.

An entry of 1100 lambs sold to a top of £82 each with several pens of heavy lambs selling from £75 to £79 each. Good quality pens sold 307p to 318p per kilo for 24.2kilos at £77 each, followed by 316p for 25kilos at £79 each.

Good quality middleweight lambs sold from 330p to 350p per kilo for 23.4kilos at £82 each, followed by 348p per kilo for 21kilos at £73 each.

Good quality store lambs sold in a firmer trade. Light lambs sold to 434p per kilo for 25 lambs weighing 14.5kilos at £63 each, followed by 412p per kilo for 14.7kilos @ £60.50 each.

Stronger stores sold to 388p per kilo for 17kilos at £66 each. The 250 cull ewes sold in a steady demand to a top of £118 with all good quality ewes selling from £70 to £96 each.

Breeding ewes met a slightly easier trade selling to a top of £165 each with main demand from £125 to £158 each.


Warrenpoint seller, 24.2k £77 318p , Poyntzpass farmer, 24k £76 317p, Newtownhamilton farmer, 25k £79 316p, Tandragee producer, 24.7k £77.50 314p, Silverbridge farmer, 25.2k £78 310p, Drumill farmer, 26.5k £82 309p, Mayobridge producer, 24.9k £76.50 307p.


Mayobridge producer, 23.4k £82 350p, Armagh seller, 20k £70 350p, Armagh farmer, 21k £73 348p, Silverbridge seller, 21.5k £73.50 342p, Glenanne farmer, 20k £68 340p, Newtownhamilton seller, 20.8k £70.50 339p, Richhill farmer, 21.4k £72 336p, Cullyhanna farmer, 20k £67 335p.


Hilltown seller, 14.5k £63 434p, Rostrevor farmer, 14.7k £60.50 412p, Ballykinlar farmer, 15k £60 400p, Caledon seller, 12.6k £50 397p, Portadown farmer, 15k £59 393p, Portadown seller, 15k £59 393p, Mullaghbawn farmer, 17k £66 388p, Markethill seller, 16k £62 388p, Whitecross farmer, 16.8k £65 387p.