Heavy snow reduces number of cattle at Clogher

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Heavy snow reduced the numbers to 644 cattle on offer at Clogher Mart this week, however trade remained steady in all sections.

In the fatstock ring beef cows topped £205 for a B/Blue, £176 for a 710kg Char and £162 for a 610kg AA. Cow heifers sold to £180 for a 590kg Daq £171 for a 570kg AA and 170 for a 560kg Char.

Leading prices in this section: Downpatrick producer 760kg B/B. to £205. Fivemiletown producer 590kg Daq to £180 and 760kg AA to £139. Newry producer 710kg Char to £176 and 680kg Lim to £164. Coalisland producer 570kg AA to £171, 480kg AA to £160, and 550kg Sim to £150. Castlederg producer 560kg Char to £170. Fivemiletown producer 610kg AA to £162. Dungannon producer 780kg Char to £144. Eskra producer 770kg Lim to £143. Stewartstown producer 600kg Friesian to £135. Tempo producer 580kg Sim to £130. Ballygawley producer 600kg Friesian to £128. Tynan producer 890kg Sim to £126. Eskra producer 660kg Daq to £126. Dungannon producer 840kg Char to £125. Eskra producer 550kg B/B to £124. Cookstown producer 730kg B/B to £122. Pomeroy producer 670kg Lim to £121.

Other quality lots sold from £104 to £120 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from 86 to £102 per 100kg.

Fleshy Friesian cows sold from £98 to £107 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £60 top £77 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £44 to £57 per 100kg.

FAT BULLS: 1070 kg Friesian to £105, 910kg Sim to £103, 980kg AA to £101, 1120kg AA to £95, 920kg Lim to £90, 860kg Lim to £88, 790kg Hol to £85, 990kg Char to £85.

FAT STEERS (overage): 620kg Sim to £152, 600kg Her to £147, 630kg Lim to £143, 590kg AA to £140, 570kg Lim to £131, 690kg Her to £130, 610kg Sim to £128, 670kg Sim to £125, 680kg Fries to £118, 630kg Fr to £103, 620kg Fr to £100.

FAT STEERS (underage): 680kg Lim to £169, 580kg Lim to £164, 590kg Ch to £160, 630kg Sim to £157, 700kg AA to £145, 780kg Ch to £143, 620kg AA to £142, 660kg Fr to £135, 620kg Fr to £132.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 650kg Lim to £173, 630kg Lim to £169, 570kg Ch to £164, 610kg Lim to £157, 620kg AA to £150, 470kg Ch to £141, 550kg Fr to £118, 480kg Fr to £116.

STORE BULLOCKS: A brisk demand in this section with strong stores selling to £1280 for a 760kg Sal and a 710kg AA. to £1100 for I Hardy, Augher. T McMahon, Newry sold 690kg Ch to £1190, 670kg AA to £1155, 650kg Daq to £1115, 610kg Ch to £1050, 600kg B/B to £1020 and 580kg Lim to £950. J McMahon, Rosslea 670kg AA to £1075. B Frazer, Lisburn 740kg Ch to £1060. G Corr, Stewartstown 610kg Ch to £1050 and 660kg AA to £1045. J Breen, Omagh 550kg Lim to £1050, 540kg Lim to £1040, 550kg Lim to £1035 and 600kg Ch to £1035. K Hughes, Dungannon 540kg AA to £1040. G McCauley, Enniskillen 590kg Sim to £1030.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: T McMahon, Newry 500kg Lim to £940. J Breen, Omagh 490kg Lim to £920. P Donaghy, Tynan 480kg Ch to £835 and 400kg Lim to £785. E and P Hughes, Augher 430kg Her to £835, 410kg Her to £800 and 460kg Her to £765. Pomeroy producer 450kg Her to £850, 420kg Her to £785 and 380kg Her to £640. G Mooney, Dungannon 420kg Lim to £800, 410kg Lim to £795, 410kg Lim to £790 and 410kg Lim to £750. W Cairns, Lurgan 390kg AA to £720 and 380kg AA to £720.

SMALLER STORES 400KG & UNDER: K and T Rainey, Magherafelt 380kg AA to £760. G Mooney, Dungannon 350kg Lim to £750 and 340kg Lim to £490. Small Friesians sold to £315 each for 5.

STORE HEIFERS: Steady demand in this section with forward lots selling to £1270 for a 680kg Ch 690kg Ch to £1200, 710kg Ch to £1200, 710kg Ch to £1200, 700kg Ch to £1200 and 630kg Ch to £1125 for S Hall, Magheraveely. B M Howell, Fivemiletown 600kg Daq to £1095. T McMahon, Newry 650kg Ch to £1095, 570kg Ch to £930 and 520kg Ch to £870. R Burton, Dungannon 600kg Sim to £1085. R Alexander, Omagh 580kg Lim to £1070. J Jordan, Dungannon 600kg Ch to £950, 550kg Ch to £920, 520kg Lim to £910, 550kg Lim to £895, 510kg Lim to £860, 520kg Lim to £850 and 520kg Ch to £840. W D Bothwell, Fivemiletown 600kg Fkv to £930. R Watson, Augher 540kg Ch to £930.

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: P Cassidy, Augher 450kg Lim to £820. J Jordan, Dungannon 480kg Ch to £820 and 430kg Lim to £750. Pomeroy producer 410kg Ch to £745. Dungannon producer 450kg Ch to £745 and 470kg Lim to £740.

WEANLINGS: Steers and bulls sold readily with T McCullagh, Brookeborough selling a 520kg AA to £930, 540kg Lim to £925 and 470kg Ch to £860. D Kennedy, Armagh sold 390kg Ch to £880, 420kg Lim to £840, 400kg Lim to £835, 390kg Lim to £800, 370kg Lim to £770 and 340kg Ch to £770. J McElroy, Clogher 450kg Ch to £860 and 400kg AA to £655. Augher producer 340kg Ch to £790 and 340kg Ch to £780. D O’Hagan, Maghera 300kg Ch to £720, 320kg Ch to £680 and 270kg Lim to £660. G Cullen, Newtownhamilton 310kg Ch to £705. R Douglas, Portadown 400kg B/B to £700 and 300kg Ch to £700.

WEANLING HEIFERS: R Watson, Augher 450kg Ch to £870, 400kg Ch to £750 and 390kg Ch to £745. Augher producer 350kg Ch to £755, 370kg Ch to £705 and 330kg Ch to £695. R Douglas, Portadown 370kg Ch to £700, 290kg Ch to £620, 300kg Ch to £540 and 270kg Ch to £530. C Quinn, Ballygawley 270kg Lim to £585. N McGovern, Fermanagh 320kg Ch to £580. M Toner, Desertmartin 260kg Lim to £580 and 240kg Lim to £550. D O’Hagan, Maghera 250kg Ch to £580. P Cox, Enniskillen 230kg Lim to £550, 250kg Lim to £530 and 240kg Ch to £520. Colm Quinn, Ballygawley 280kg Ch to £520.

DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS: Strong demand this week with a Benburb producer selling a calved heifer to £1300. Eglish producer £1250 and £1110 for calved heifers. G H Graham, Kinawley £1230 for calved heifer. Walter Crean, Ballinamallard £1190 and £1140 for calved heifers. J Mohan, Lisnaskea £1040 for calved heifer. W O Beattie, Trillick £935 and £915 for springing cows.

Young Friesian heifer calves sold to £400 each.

BREEDING BULLS: R Newport £1705 and £1650. Pedigree registered Lim bulls both born 07/07/14.

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES: A smaller entry sold to a top of £1580 for a heifer and heifer calf to M/S R and D Hamilton, Drumquin. Pomeroy producer £1125 twice for third calvers with a bull calf and a heifer calf.

SPRING ING COWS & HEIFERS: Irvinestown producer £1125, £895, £825, £820 and £700. Aughnacloy producer £980, £745 and £680. Pomeroy producer £950 twice. R Totten £835 and £700.

Dont forget suckler clearance sale Thursday evening 17th December at 7.30pm.

DROPPED CALVES & REARED CALVES: Trade was sharp in this section with bull calves (under two months) selling to £530 for a Lim to H McFarland, Trillick. B McStravick, Craigavon £500 for Char. E and T Beacom, Maguiresbridge £350 for B/B. Wm Wilson, Dungannon £345 for Lim. R S Kinnear, Irvinestown £340, £335 and £295 for Sims. A Maguire, Lisbellaw £320 and £310 for AAs. A Irwin, Lisboy £300 for B/B. J W McFarland, Trillick £300 for Lim. P Kellagher, Fivemiletown £300 and £295 for Sims.

HEIFERS: B McStravick, Craigavon £505 for Char. C Quinn, Ballygawley £350 for Char. A Irwin, Lisboy £340 for B/B. J R Keys, Brookeborough £270 for Sim. T Smith, Castlederg £265 for B/B.

REARED BULLS: B McStravick, Craigavon £655 for Ch. R J Dickson, Aughnacloy £640, £630 for Chars and £630 for Sim. P McNally, Clogher £575, £490, £480, £475 and £420 for AAs. C Quinn, Ballygawley £540 for Ch. Aughnacloy producer £470 twice for Chars, £450, £440, £410 and £380 for AAs.

REARED HEIFERS: R J Dickson, Aughnacloy £560 for Sim. W G Donnelly, Dromore £555 for Her. R Donnelly, Dromore £510 and £480 for Herefords, £510 and £500 for Chars. Clogher producer £470 for Ch, £440 for Lim and £435 for B/B. P McNally, Clogher £450 and £445 for AAs.