Heavy weight bullocks peak at £1,060 per head at Downpatrick Mart

Downpatrick Mart
Downpatrick Mart

At the Monday night cattle sale on May 27 there was a good entry of quality cattle.

In the heavy weight category bullocks peaked per head at £1,060.00 for 502kg Belgian Blue (£2.11ppk) with heifers at £920.00 for 540kg Aberdeen Angus (1.71ppk).

Light weight stores were in strong demand with time of year, selling from £1.74ppk to £2.70ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows;

Bullocks 500kg plus

Saul farmer 502kg Belgian Blue £1,060 (2.11ppk), Ardglass farmer 502kg Aberdeen Angus £995 (1.98kg), Strangford farmer 504kg Belgian Blue £960 (1.91ppk), Strangford farmer 628kg Friesian £850 (1.35ppk), 600kg Friesian (1.40ppk) and 602kg Friesian £790 (1.31ppk).

Bullocks 200-499kg

Leitrim farmer 296kg Simmental £800 (2.70ppk), 248kg Simmental £650 (2.62ppk), Ballyward farmer 334kg Aberdeen Angus £825 (2.47ppk), Ballyward farmer 330kg Limousin £800 (2.43ppk), Bonecastle farmer 176kg Limousin £855 (2.38ppk), Downpatrick farmer 360kg Limousin £855 (2.38ppk),Tullymurry farmer 438kg Saler £1,000 (2.28ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 236kg Limousin £970 (2.26ppk), Leitrim farmer 340kg Simmental £760 (2.24ppk), Clough farmer 408kg Stabiliser £885 (2.17ppk), Downpatrick farmer 380kg Limousin £820 (2.16ppk), Saul farmer 494kg Simmental £870 (1.76ppk), 394kg Stabiliser £685 (1.74ppk), Dundrum farmer 464kg Montbeliarde £630 (1.36ppk), 436kg Friesian £590 (1.35ppk).

Heifers 500kg plus

Downpatrick farmer 524kg Aberdeen Angus £920 (1.76ppk), 502kg Aberdeen Angus £870 (1.73ppk), 534kg Aberdeen Angus £915 (1.71ppk), 540kg Aberdeen Angus £920 (1.70ppk) and 564kg Aberdeen Angus £910 (1.61ppk).

Heifers 200-499kg

Erenagh farmer 386kg Limousin £900 (2.33ppk), 350kg Limousin £810 (2.31ppk), Castlewellan farmer 208kg Charolais £465 (2.24ppk), Ballydonnell farmer 378kg Saler £825 (2.18ppk), Clough farmer 384kg Charolais £800 (2.08ppk), Vianstown farmer 336kg Limousin £700 (2.08ppk), 396kg Limousin £825 (2.08ppk), Bonecastle farmer 172kg Charolais £355 (2.06ppk), Legananny farmer 300kg Limousin £610 (2.03ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 314kg Belgian Blue £635 (2.02ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 298kg Limousin £585 (1.96ppk), Vianstown farmer 298kg Limousin £800 (1.95ppk) and 376kg Limousin £730 (1.94ppk).

At the weekly sheep sale on Saturday, May 25 there was an increased entry of lambs selling to £90.00 and fat ewes to £115.00.

Lighter weight lambs sold to £3.82ppk.

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

FAT LAMBS: Downpatrick farmer 25kg, £90.00, Newry farmer 24kg, £90.00, Ballylucas farmer 25kg, £90.00, Downpatrick farmer 26kg, £90.00, Crossgar farmer 23kg, £89.00, Comber farmer 23kg, £89.00, Dundrum farmer 25kg, £89.00, Strangford farmer 25kg, £88.50, Ballincraig farmer 22kg, £87.00, Ballynahinch farmer 23kg, £87.00, Killough farmer 25kg, £87.00, Drumaness farmer 20kg, £86.50, Saintfield farmer 22kg, £86.00, Annacloy farmer 22kg, £86.00, Ballynoe farmer 23kg, £86.00, Bonecastle farmer 22kg, £86.00, Saintfield farmer 22kg, £85.50, Annalong farmer 21kg, £85.50, Loughinisland farmer 20kg, £85.00, Strangford farmer 22kg, £85.00, Lisburn farmer 21kg, £85.00, Ballygowan farmer 22kg, £85.00, Ardglass farmer 24kg, £85.00, Ballynahinch farmer 22kg, £84.00, Crossgar farmer 28kg, £83.00, Ballyplunt farmer 21kg, £82.50, Crossgar farmer 21kg, £81.50, Ballynoe farmer 21kg, £80.50, Seaforde fasrmer 22kg, £80.50, Ballynahinch farmer 20kg, £80.00, Kilkeel farmer 19kg, £78.50, Ballynahinch farmer 20kg, £77.50, Mayobridge farmer 19kg, £76.00 and Ballynahinch farmer 17kg, £65.00.

FAT EWES: Crossgar farmer £115, Loughinisland farmer £110.00, Crossgar farmer £101.00, Saintfield farmer £95.00, Clough farmer £95.00, Tyrella farmer £93.00, Ballynahinch farmer £90.00, Saintfield farmer £90.00, Crossgar £90.00, Clough farmer £90.00, Killyleagh farmer £85.00, Crossgar farmer £76.00, Dromara farmer £75.00 and Crossgar farmer £75.00.