Heavy weight heifers sell to £945 at Downpatrick

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A Downpatrick farmer topped the sale with a Lim bullock at 340kg, £665 (1.96ppk).

In the heavy weight heifers category, a Downpatrick farmer presented a Ch at 514kg £945 (1.91ppk). Leading prices in all categories as follows:

BULLOCKS: Downpatrick farmer 340kg Lim £665 (1.96ppk), Castlenavan farmer 550kg AA £1050 (1.91ppk) and 554kg Ch £1040 (1.88ppk), Coiniamstown farmer 524kg Ch £990 (1.89ppk), Crossgar farmer 252kg Her £470 (1.87ppk), Lisbouy farmer 468kg Lim £1.72ppk), Strangford farmer 580kg MB £780 (1.56ppk), Downpatrick farmer 586kg MB £775 (1.32ppk) Rasholp farmer 438kg Sim £705 (1.61ppk), Saul farmer 410kg Sim £700 (1.71ppk), Crossgar farmer 422kg Her £655 (1.55ppk) and 344kg Her £625 (1.82ppk) and 364kg Her £605 (1.66ppk), 366g Her £575 (1.57ppk) and 286kg Her £520 (1.82ppk), Strangford farmer 664kg MB £915 (1.38ppk) and 622kg MB £855 (1.37ppk).

HEIFERS: Ballynahinch farmer 514kg Ch £945 (1.84ppk), Ballydrummond farmer 534kg Daq £940 (1.76ppk), Dromara farmer 486kg BB £815 (1.68ppk) and 438kg Daq £815 (1.86ppk), Farrandfad farmer 480kg Ch £775 (1.61ppk) and 430kg Ch £770 (1.79ppk), Leitrim farmer 416g BB £750 (1.80ppk), Ballydrummond farmer 410 Daq £715 (1.74kg), Newtownards farmer 398kg Daq £715 (1.80ppk) and 390kg Daq £685 (1.76kg). Ballynahinch farmer 640kg Daq £640 (1.43ppk) Ardglass farmer 402kg Ch £580 (1.44ppk) and 340kg Ch £550 (1.59ppk).