Hedgerow planting – is it a dying skill?

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Hedgerows, one of the earliest methods of marking boundaries and stock proofing fields, are an important feature of the Northern Ireland countryside.

However, during agricultural expansion, thousands of miles of hedgerow were removed to make way for changing agricultural practices.

The demand for hedge laying is increasing after years of neglect as a traditional boundary management skill; Lantra Awards is offering quality training which will enable you to learn the basics of this craft.

While there is no specific legislation in Northern Ireland protecting hedgerows, the Northern Ireland Biodiversity Strategy recognises the importance of field boundaries, such as traditionally laid and sensitively managed hedges. Adopting this time honoured approach means farming and conservation interests are met; for farmers, a natural barrier to confine and shelter stock is erected, while for the conservationist, a wildlife habitat is created.

Taking place over two days, the Lantra Awards course comprises both theory and practical work.

On completion of the course you will be able to:

l Care for and maintain hedgelaying tools

l Be aware of the need for correct safety procedures

l Undertake basic hedgelaying practices suiting the local style

l Undertake basic hedge maintenance.

A certificate of training will be awarded on completion of the training course.

To find a Lantra provider offering this training, visit www.lantra.co.uk/CourseFinder, or contact the Northern Ireland office on ni@lantra.co.uk or 07867 908 171.