Heifers top £190 for 800kg B/B at Clogher

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An excellent entry of 1052 cattle came under the hammer at Clogher Mart this week with a very strong demand reported for quality lots in all sections.

In the fatstock ring cow heifers topped £190 for an 800kg B/B, £174 for a 570kg Daq and £173 for a 520kg Lim.

Fat cows sold to £183 for a 580kg Lim, £172 for a 800kg Ch and £172 for a 730kg Ch.

Leading prices: Portadown producer 800kg B/B to £190. Eglinton producer 580kg Lim to £183 and 630kg Ch to £159. Cookstown producer 570kg Daq to £174. Greencastle producer 520kg Lim to £173. Ballygawley producer 540kg Lim to £173, 530kg Lim to £161 and 610kg Sim to £159. Castlederg producer 800kg Ch to £172, 6, 550kg Fr to £145, 600kg Fr to £145. Producer 690kg Ch to £171. Aughnacloy producer 620kg Lim to £163. Kesh producer 690kg Ch to £159. Augher producer 690kg Sim to £155. Armagh producer 760kg Ch to £155. Lisbellaw producer 740kg Lim to £154. Omagh producer 580kg Lim to £154. Omagh producer 640kg Lim to £154. Omagh producer 650kg Lim to £154.

Other quality Lots sold from £130 to £152 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £114 to £128 per 100kg.

Heavy Friesian Cows sold from £106 to £118 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £78 to £98 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £54 to £76 per 100kg.

FAT BULLS: 950kg S/H to £121. 930kg Lim to £119. 910kg Ch to £117. 780kg Lim to £116. 810kg Lim to £116. 990kg Ch to £115. 760kg Ch to £113. 920kg Lim to £112. 1130kg Ch to £112. 930kg Ch to £100. 990kg Ch to £99. 880kg Ch to £99.

FAT STEERS (overage): 610kg Ch £170. 570kg Lim to £168. 540kg Ch to £166. 540kg Fr to £162. 590kg Fr to £160. 510kg Ch to £150. 550kg Fr to £139. 580kg Hol to £137. 560kg Ayr to £114. 520kg Fr to £111.

FAT STEERS (underage): 580kg Ch to £187. 580kg Ch to £170. 530kg AA to £154. 560kg S/H to £146.

Friesian steers sold from £108 to £145 per 100kg.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 480kg Ch to £182. 580kg Lim to £176. 590kg Ch to £175. 530kg Lim to £160. 480kg Ch to £156. 460kg AA to £154. 480kg Lim to £142. 590kg Fr to £137. 540kg Fr to £130. 540kg Sim to £126. 460kg Hol to £125.

STORE BULLOCKS (142): A good steady demand in this section with strong stores selling to £1520 for a 900kg Ch and £1340 for a 880kg Ch for J Watson, Portadown. R Sands, Newry sold 790kg Ch to £1360, 740kg Lim to £1355, 710kg Lim to £1340 and 710kg Lim to £1330. P Quinn, Dungannon 760kg Lim to £1355, 780kg Lim to £1340, 700kg Ch to £1275 and 700kg Ch to £1215. J McStravick, Craigavon 750kg Ch to £1345 and 720kg AA to £1290. T A Willis, Dungannon 680kg Ch to £1335, 670kg Ch to £1295, 610kg B/B to £1285, 690kg Ch to £1280, 630kg Ch to £1280 and 610kg Ch to £1250. K and A Clarke, Tynan 610kg Sim to £1230. G W Allen, Portadown 700kg Sim to £1225.

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: N Cochrane, Portadown 490kg Ch to £1090, 450kg Ch to £1025, 420kg Ch to £1020, 460kg Lim to £970, 450kg Ch to £955, 450kg Lim to £950, 450kg Lim to £945, 430kg Lim to £905, 430kg Ch to £895 and 450kg Lim to £880. P V McCarney, Fintona 500kg Lim to £950. J F McKenna, Clogher 480kg Lim to £935. A Stevenson, Donemana 470kg Ch to £905, 460kg B/B to £885. D Alexander, Donemana 470kg Ch to £900. Sean Smyth, Rosslea 480kg Lim to £890 and 470kg Lim to £855. E Maguire, Magheraveely 470kg Ch to £885.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: A Jones, Newtownhamilton 380kg B/B to £860. E W Beattie, Brookeborough 400kg Ch to £855. J Burton, Dungannon 380kg Her to £800. D McCusker, Armagh 330kg Lim to £660 and 270kg Lim £610.

STORE HEIFERS (128): A very keen demand in this section with forward lots selling to £1245 for a 650kg Ch from K P Donnelly, Stewartstown. P J Corrigan, Dungannon 630kg Ch to £1230, 590kg Ch to £1130 and 620kg Ch to £1100. P McGovern, Fivemiletown 630kg Ch to £1225. N Cochrane, Portadown 590kg Lim to £1210. M McCaughey, Aughnacloy 590kg Ch to £1170, 620kg Ch to £1145, 580kg Ch to £1140, 610kg Ch to £1135 and 600kg Lim to £1115. P L Haugh, Birches 630kg Ch to £1155 and 600kg Ch to £1095. H Macauley, Ballyclare 610kg Ch to £1140, 600kg Lim to £1140, 610kg Ch to £1140, 580kg Lim to £1095 and 580kg Lim to £1090. J McGrath, Coalisland 570kg Daq to £1100. W Crawford, Clogher 560kg Lim to £1090.

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: P V McCarney, Fintona 480kg B/B to £950. O McCall, Armagh 480kg Ch to £950, 460kg Ch to £890 and 490kg Ch to £840. Clogher producer 470kg Ch to £940, G J McKenna, Clogher 440kg Ch to £915. M McCall, Armagh 420kg Ch to £910. E O’Hanlon, Clogher 450kg Ch to £905, 420kg Ch to £885 and 410kg Ch to £855. J Cassidy, Rosslea 440kg Lim to £900, and 420kg Lim to £865. W R Nesbitt, Armagh 480kg Ch to £870. N Cochrane, Portadown 460kg Lim to £870. P Campbell, Coalisland 450kg Ch to £855 420kg Ch to £855 and 420kg Ch to £840. M Hackett, Augher 460kg Sim to £850. Bell Tractors, Fivemiletown 470kg Ch to £835. J Hawkes, Omagh 450kg Ch to £835.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: Clogher producer 390kg Ch to £875, 390kg Ch to £765 and 390kg Ch to £740. S J Connell, Newry 400kg Ch to £835. M McCall, Armagh 400kg Ch to £835. P Campbell, Coalisland 390kg Daq to £790, 370kg Ch to £740 and 380kg Ch to £730. E O’Hanlon, Clogher 370kg Ch to £770, 390kg Ch to £735, G J McKenna, Clogher 380kg Ch to £755, 360kg Ch to £725, 330kg Lim to £700 and 320kg Ch to £650. B Maguire, Newtownbutler 360kg Lim to £650. F and T Irwin, Portadown 330kg AA to £615.

WEANLINGS: Brisk demand in this section with steers and bulls selling to £945 for a 400kg Ch and 340kg Ch to £810 for P H Kirk, Omagh. M Fox, Omagh 460kg AA to £870. S McCanney, Dromore 510kg Ch to £835. M R Lim to £810, 370kg Lim to £805 and 330kg Lim to £800. Des Wilson, Clogher 380kg Ch to £800, 380kg Ch to £770 and 370kg Ch to £770. Kesh producer 330kg Ch to £780. Pomeroy producer 320kg Lim to £750, 330kg Ch to £750 and 310kg Lim to £740. F Quigley, Rosslea 390kg Lim to £745. Dungannon producer 350kg Lim to £740. Brian McCullagh, Omagh 290kg Lim to £740.

WEANLING HEIFERS: F McGartland, Augher 490kg Sim to £940. B McCullagh, Omagh 390kg Lim to £820 and 280kg Lim to £655. R Watson, Fivemiletown 360kg Ch to £800 and 350kg Ch to £770. Kesh producer 370kg Lim to £760, 350kg Lim to £740, 360kg Lim to £720 and 280kg Par to £695. E Connelly, Augher 360kg B/B to £710 and 430kg Lim to £700. Clogher producer 370kg Ch to £700 and 390kg Ch to £665. R McCullagh, Greencastle 330kg Lim to £675 and 270kg Lim to £630. Dungannon producer 340kg Daq to £610. A McGovern, Newtownbutler 270kg Lim to £600. S McCanney, Dromore 360kg Ch to £590. J McDaid, Ederney 330kg Ch to £585.

DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS: A small entry this week sold to an increased demand with a Dungannon producer selling calved heifers to £1470 and £1200. Omagh producer £970 for a calf cow.

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES: Another large entry this week sold to a very keen demand for quality lots with Kingsley Bell, Aughnacloy selling a 2011 cow and twin calves to £1800, heifer and heifer calf to £1690 and 08 cow and heifer calf to £1370. G Quinn, Newtownhamilton £1745 for 2010 cow and bull calf. T Singleton, Ballygawley £1655 for heifer and bull calf and £1235 for heifer and bull calf. M/S TJ and T G Robinson, Armagh £1470 and £1400 for heifers with heifer calves. R and T Warwick, Cookstown £1230 for second calver and bull calf. Gortavoy Farms, Pomeroy £1225 for heifer and heifer calf. Several other outfits sold from £920 to £1185.

INCALF COWS & HEIFERS: K McCreesh, Newry £1190 and £1045. Aughnacloy producer £900 twice, £875 and £860.

Keep free Thursday evening August 11th for special sale of outstanding suckler cows and calves watch press for details.

DROPPED CALVES & REARED CALVES: An increased entry sold readily with bull calves (under two months) selling to £470 for a Ch to J McDaid, Ederney. K Moore, Augher 460 for Ch and £435 for Lim. K Murray, Omagh £455 for Ch. P A and J Grue, Lisnaskea £440 and £410 for Chars. J McManus, Derrylin £415 for Ch. J A Noble, Kesh £390 for Ch. Clogher producer £375 for Sim. L Clarke, Knockaraven £360 for Daq. J and V Magwood, Brookeborough £330 twice for B/Bs.

HEIFERS: H M Connelly, Roslea £350 for Her and £330 for B/B. L Clarke, Knockaraven £315 for Daq. P A and J Grue Lisnaskea £300 for Ch.

REARED BULLS: D Haughian, Lurgan £610 for Lim. T Simpson, Ederney £595 and £580 for Chars. M and G Monaghan, Augher £545 and £500 for Lims. Clogher producer £540 and £515 for Lims. D Farrell, Fivemiletown £525 for Sal. C McGovern, Fermanagh £515 for AA and £500 for Ch. K Teague, Dromore £500 for Ch.

REARED HEIFERS: S McKenna, Clogher £785 for Lim. D Farrell, Fivemiletown £600, £585 for Simms and £500 for Sal. C McGovern, Fermanagh 510 for Ch £460 or AA and £430 for Her. B Grimes, Beragh £450 and £418 for B/Bs. C Connelly, Rosslea £420 for Lim. D Haughian, Lurgan £420 for Lim. D and M Hempton, Gortin £415 for Lim. Brookeborough producer £415 and £400 for Herefords.