Help to prevent flooding before it happens, says UFU

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With the damage from the floods of last winter still apparent on many farms the Ulster Farmers’ Union says it is hopeful the review of those events will recommend remedial action to limit future flooding.

The UFU has contributed to the report being prepared for the Rivers Agency by Alan Strong. However some members around the Upper Bann and Lough Neagh have already highlighted problems with recent heavy rain. Their land is vulnerable to quicker than normal flooding because it has not yet recovered from the damage caused last winter.

The UFU says authorities in the Republic have responded to the damage caused by floods by announcing an early lowering of the water level in Lough Allen. It says this is a good example of a proactive approach, to prevent rather than cope with flooding. It says it believes a similar prudent approach here for Lough Neagh should be considered in the review being undertaken.