High priced stock at Draperstown

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A lot of high priced stock sold through the ring on Friday. Bullocks £1135/650kg, Heifers £1250/660kg, Weanlings up to £1020, Fat Cows £1381.60/880kg, Bulls up to £1540.

BULLOCKS: John Connolly £1135/650kg, £1100/650kg, £1095/670kg, £1085/600kg, £1080/620kg, £1070/590kg, £115/600KG, £1000/610KG, Michael McGlade £1120/560KG, £1120/510KG, £1100/480KG, £1020/460KG, £1000/480KG, £990/430KG, £940/440KG, £930/410KG, £890/430KG, ££820/360KG, David Duncan £1100/680kg, £1080/670kg, £1035/630kg, £1030/620kg, £1005/600kg, Kenneth McKinstry £1090/450kg, £1060/460kg, £985/460kg, £970/390kg, £920/400kg, Alistair Wilson £955/660kg, £915/650kg, Sean Mullin £920/530kg, ££900/380kg, J Kearney £910/440kg, Patrick McVeigh £900/380kg, £895/390kg, £880/420kg, £810/350kg, F Matthews £800/360kg, £800/350kg, £800/350kg, £780/470kg, £775/320kg, £755/320kg, Alistair Wilson £790/550kg, £785/530kg, Gerry O’Hagan £745/310kg

HEIFERS: Tony Lagan £1250/660kg, F Matthews £1150/630kg, £1100/590kg, £1095/580kg, Donald Fleming £1000/630kg, £955/590kg, £915/590kg, S Scott £850/450kg, Gerry O’Hagan £745/340kg, ££700/310kg, £680/340kg, £585/390kg, £545/270kg, £520/300kg, Seamus Toner £745/400kg, £710/370kg, £600/310kg

WEANLINGS MALE: James Duffy £1020/380kg, Patrick McGarvey £890/320kg, £800/310kg, £730/300kg, Eamon McKenna £830/440kg, S Scott £830/420kg, £820/320kg, £800/310kg, £800/320kg, E McKenna £755/460kg, £745/450kg, £685/380kg, £655/390kg, David Nesbitt £795/360kg, James Duffy £765/410kg, |£Malcolm Thom £735/360kg, Ignatius McKenna £700/430kg,

WEANLINGS FEMALE: James Duffy £860/380kg, Patrick McGarvey £790/310kg, £700/300kg, £675/300kg, G Bradley £765/360kg, £760/330kg, £720/310kg, £695/330kg, £605/230kg, N Bradley £745/360kg, £700/310kg, £680/300kg, £680/310kg, John McGuinness £700/4140kg, Shane McShane £650/360kg, Ignatius McKenna £625/310kg

FAT COWS: Tony Lagan £1381.60/880kg,Michael Doyle £1150/560kg, P McAlan McMurray £939.80/740kg, Mrs Elizabeth Kennedy £915/750kg, Patrick McGarvey £877.70/670kg, George Fleming £842.40/780kg, Michael Quinn £830.80/670kg, £770/700kg, Derek McKinney £812/700KG, Damien Walls £782.20/760KG, £737.50/590KG, Alan McMurray £760.50/650KG, ££732/610KG, £715/650KG, Samuel Paul £756/630kg, Michael Conway £663.40/620kg, D Walls £610/500kg, Raymond McTeague £574/410kg,

BULLS: Tony Lagan £1540, £1360, Eamon McNally £1400, I Derby £1240, £1010, Eamon McNally £960, Michael Doyle £1150/560kg, Patrick McGarvey £961.20/890kg.