Hilltown Mart: fat ewes selling to £90

Hilltown Mart
Hilltown Mart

Thursday’s Mart at Hilltown saw Fat Lambs selling to £80.50, Store Lambs to £64 and Fat Ewes to £90.

FAT LAMBS: Castlewellan farmer, £80.50 for 22kg (364ppk), £75 for 24kg (312ppk), Rathfriland farmer, £79.50 for 28.5kg (279ppk), £77 for 27kg

(280ppk), £75.50 for 24kg (310ppk), Drumlough farmer, £76 for 26kg (292ppk), Kilcoo farmers, £75 for 25kg (300ppk), £73.50 for 23kg (308ppk), Rostrevor farmer, £74.50 for 22.5kg (331ppk), Hilltown farmer, £74 for 23kg (321ppk), Mayobridge farmers, £72.50 for 20kg (366ppk), £71 for 22.5kg (311ppk), £69.50 for 21.5kg (323ppk), Dromore farmer, £72 for 22.5kg (317ppk).

STORE LAMBS: Rathfriland farmer, £64 for 18kg (351ppk), £63.50 for 17.5kg (358ppk), Hilltown farmers, £60.50 for 16.5kg (366ppk), £58 for

17kg (341ppk), Castlewellan farmers, £59.50 for 18kg (330ppk), £55 for 17kg (321ppk), Kilkeel farmer, £59 for 17.5kg (329ppk), Kilcoo farmer,

£59 for 17kg (347ppk), Rostrevor farmer, £58 for 15.5kg (374ppk), Kilcoo farmer, £58 for 17kg (335ppk), £67.50 for 16kg (348ppk).


Cabra farmer, £90, Downpatrick farmer, £86, Dromore farmer, £85, Kilkeel farmer, £85, Rathfriland farmer, £80, Hilltown farmer, £76, £75, £73.


On Saturday at Hilltown, there were super numbers with a sharp trade for all grades of cattle, for example, Fat cows to £1275, Heifers to

£1215, Bullocks to £1435.

FAT COWS: Cabra farmer, £1275 for 872kg (146ppk), £1135 for 900kg (126ppk), Warrenpoint farmer, £1,110 for 628kg (176ppk), £1,100 for 668kg (164ppk), £1,060 for 578kg (183ppk), £950 for 612kg (155ppk), £900 for 602kg (149ppk), Attical farmer, £,1050 for 686kg (153ppk), Mayobridge farmer, £1,025 for 778kg (131ppk).

COWS & CALVES: Rostrevor farmer, £1,050, Kilkeel farmer, £1,040.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Katesbridge farmer, £840 for 412kg (203ppk), £815 for 368kg (221ppk), £800 for 410kg (195ppk), £750 for 412kg (182ppk),

Rostrevor farmer, £830 for 374kg (221ppk), Hilltown farmer, £780 for 408kg (191ppk), Rathfriland farmer, £760 for 320kg (237ppk), £705kg

for 348kg (202ppk).

HEIFERS: Burren farmer, £1,215 for 674kg (180ppk), £1,075 for 567kg (186ppk), Dromore farmer, £1,170 for 602kg (194ppk), £1,165 for 708kg

(164ppk), £,065 for 646kg (164ppk), Byransford farmer, £1,120 for 604kg (185ppk), Kilkeel farmer, £955 for 450kg (212ppk), Mayobridge

farmer, £940 for 572kg (164ppk), Rathfriland farmer, £875 for 418kg (209ppk), £870 for 456kg (190ppk), Kilcoo farmer-£8 50 for 462kg (184ppk).

WEANLING BULLOCKS: Hilltown farmer, £925 for 478kg (193ppk), £770 for 384kg (200ppk), Castlewellan farmer, £800 for 358kg (223ppk), £750 for

412kg (182ppk), Katesbridge farmer, £635 for 364kg (174ppk).

BULLOCKS: Rathfriland farmer, £1435 for 788kg (182ppk), £1385 for 754kg (183ppk), £1280 for 736kg (173ppk), £1240 for 738kg (168ppk), £1135 for 674kg (168ppk), Hilltown farmers, £1,340 for 756kg (177ppk), £1,250 for 712kg (175ppk), £1,150 for 644kg (178ppk), £1,145 for 796kg

(143ppk), £1,140 for 714kg (159ppk), £1,115 for 596kg (187ppk), £1,085 for 752kg (144ppk), Annalong farmer, £1,155 for 612kg (188ppk), Annaclone farmer, £1,130 for 706kg (160ppk).