Historic archive films showcase NFU Mutual’s farming links

Farming Life
Farming Life

Historic films of farming in the 1930s haves been remastered by NFU Mutual to enable them to be shown in a video announcing a new range of benefits for farmers.

Produced in the 1930s by the leading rural insurer’s own film unit, the archive offers a glimpse of long-gone farming activities including shots of the Royal Show being staged in Newcastle in 1935.

While the horse drawn implements of the 1930s have been replaced by high tech machinery, the way NFU Mutual works in partnership with the National Farmers Unions and insures over two thirds of the UK’s farmers through a network of over 300 local branch offices remains the same.

Today, however, computer and e-mails have replaced telegrams and local service is provided by a network of over 300 branch offices.

“Over a hundred years since we were founded, we are still a mutual, owned by our members whose businesses, homes, families and investments we protect,” said Chris Walsh, farm insurance specialist at NFU Mutual.

“Our new video celebrates our links with the NFU over more than a century and showcases a new range of benefit we are introducing for the many farmers who are longstanding members of the both the NFU and NFU Mutual.”

Called Union Advantage the new scheme provides benefits including:

* Farm safety – 20% discount on NFU Mutual Risk Management Services Ltd consultancy days

* Driving the next generation - A 20% discount is available for members who join the NFU Mutual Young Drivers’ Scheme for newly-qualified 17-21 year olds whose parents insure their farm business with NFU Mutual

* Farm succession – discounts for farmers using the NFU Mutual Farm Succession service to plan the future of their farm

To view the video click on: https://www.nfumutual.co.uk/farming/union-advantage/