Horsch announce new mounted one pass drills

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Horsch have announced new mounted one pass power harrow drills.

These are high spec, top end, high speed machines aimed at larger scale growers and contractors.

This is the first venture Horsch have had in manufacturing their own power harrow, although they have badged and sold the 6m model for a number of years.

All Horsch power harrows at present are sold in combination with a pneumatic drill. 

Horsch now have a range of 3, 3.5, 4 and 6m combination units.

The 3 - 4m models are all ridged fully mounted models at present.

Other spec is:

l Fully floating power Harrow when in work (no weight of drill on harrow)

l Weight on Headstock on turning and transport

l Hydraulic coulter depth control as standard

l Fitted with latest 2015 Turbo Disc counters (same as trailed Pronto drill)

l Low oil demand hydraulic driven fan

l Variable seed rate as standard

Option of packer rollers, extra large diameter 600 mm toothed packed will suit Irish conditions best 

l Easily detached drill from power Harrow

l Will handle all seeds from rape to beans.

A three metre model will be available to demo in Northern Ireland this Autumn, from Horsch importer Sam Moore of More Unidrill on 02827664444 or 07977222296