Hundreds turnout for annual fatstock show and sale at Rathfriland

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Monday 23rd November 2015 will be a night the farming community will long remember.

The Rathfriland mart was the venue where several hundred people from throughout Northern Ireland gathered for the annual fatstock show and sale.

A charity auction preceded the show in memory of the late Liam King where the proceeds went to the Southern Area Hospice. To date several thousand pounds have been raised with a closing date for donations being 2.00pm on 18th December. During this sale, there will be several farmers donating calves to be sold for the Hospice.

The fatstock show and sale attracted 96 head with some great stock. The animals were judged by Mr Sam Carmichael from Moneymore and Mr Gerard Snow from Boa Island in Fermanagh.

They chose Mr Malachy McGrath’s first prize Blonde steer as the overall champion. This animal weighed 760k at £1660 to McKee Brothers of Maghera. The Housewife’s Choice was won by Mr Jonathan Davidson’s first prize Lim heifer weighing 590k at £1470 bought by the Milestone Supermarket, Rathfriland. The reserve champion from Mr James Herdman, Dromore, weighed 662k at £1500 to McKee Brothers, Maghera. The first placed fat cow from P Shields (Dundrum) weighed 818k at £1550 to F and JP Dillon. A second prize Lim heifer from S Carroll, Loughgall, weighed 606k at £1370 to McKee Brothers. A second prize weanling Her bullock from Derek Windrum (Keady) weighed 486k at £1150 to Linden Foods. The first prize Ch bullock from Mrs Elizabeth Bell at 798k sold at £1425 to Paul Doyle and a 764k Lim at £1425 from Mrs Bell sold to Paul Doyle.


SUCKLER CALVES – MALE: 1st Joe Doyle, Kilkeel, 2nd Oliver O’Hare, Mayobridge and 3rd Phelim Shields, Dundrum.

FEMALE: 1st P Herron, Tassagh and 2nd JB Rooney, Dromore.

FAT COWS: 1st Phelim Shields, Dundrum, 2nd Arthur Callaghan, Kilkeel and 3rd David Shannon, Dromore.

STORE BULLOCKS: 1st Mrs Mary Lockhart, Cullyhanna, 2nd Jonathan Davidson, Emdale and 3rd JP Haughey, Shinn.

HEIFERS: 1st Jonathan Davidson, Emdale, 2nd Samuel Carroll, Loughgall and 3rd Philip Herron, Tassagh.

BELGIUM BLUE - MALE: 1st Derek Windrum, Keady, 2nd Patrick Lively, Rathfriland and 3rd Richard Waddell, Shinn.

BELGIUM BLUE – FEMALE: 1st James Herdman, Dromore

NATIVE BRED: 1st and 2nd Derek Windrum, Keady and 3rd Richard Waddell, Shinn.

CHAROLAIS - MALES: 1st Mrs Elizabeth Bell, Ballyward, 2nd David Spiers, Banbridge and 3rd Malcom Dodds, Benagh.

CHAROLAIS HEIFERS: 1st James Herdman, Dromore, 2nd JB Rooney, Dromore and 3rd Colin Boyd, Donaghmore.

BLONDE MALE: 1st and overall champion Malachy McGrath, Dundrum and 2nd Ballyedmond Farms, Rostrevor.

Another great entry of cattle on Friday saw a pen of Ch Bullock from Dromara sell from £1000 to £1165.

Friesian and Holstein bullocks were also in good demand with a pen of 15 from Hillsborough selling to £830.

A Cullyhanna farmer sold a pen of 5 Ch Heifers to £950 and from £880 up. Weanling numbers are still high at 143 on Friday. These topped at £800 for 400k Angus from Banbridge with a second lot at £785 at 386k. An Armagh farmer sold a 348k Sim at £785. A Lurgan farmer: sold 12 young Ch calves to average 230p/k with a top of 273p for 128k at £350. Fat cows sold to £820 for 812k from Rathfriland with bulls to £1000. Dropped calves cleared up to £450 for a Lim bull from Castlewellan. A Camlough farmer sold an Angus bull at £425 or Her bull at £400 and a Lim bull at £360. Heifer calves sold to £475 for a Castlewellan farmer and £365 for a Camlough farmer.

DROPPED CALVES: Castlewellan farmer: £475, £450, £410 and £335. Camlough farmer: £425, £400, £365 and £360. Banbridge farmer: £355. Warrenpoint farmer: £355. Somerville farm: £350. Hillsborough farmer: £305. Newtownhamilton farmer: £340. Tandragee farmer: £305. Seaforde farmer: £300, £290 etc.

WEANLINGS: Banbridge farmer: 400k at £800, 386k at £785, 370k at £745. Millford farmer: 348k at £785. Newline farmer: 360k at £750 and 300k at £640. Rathfriland farmer: 312k at £730 and 306k at £690. Banbridge farmer: 282k at £605, 284k at £595. Ballyward farmer: 288k at £580, 266k at £580, 243k at £560, 182k at £450 etc. Lurgan farmer: 232k at £550, 250k at £535, 238k at £545 etc.

HEIFERS: Cullyhanna farmer: 542k at £950, 520k at £920, 518k at £915, 490k at £890 and 488k at £880. Annalong farmer: 492k at £855, 390k at £690, 474k at £835. Dromara farmer: 500k at £820, 450k at £780, 450k at £765. Banbridge farmer: 308k at £650, 296k at £580, 290k at £530, 260k at £570, 280k at £530. Dromore farmer: 266k at £480, 222k at £435, 246k at £450.

FAT COWS: A 542k Angus bull sold at £1000. Drumarkin farmer: 812k at £820, 730k at £790, 804k at £785 and 730k at £650. Rostrevor farmer: 676k at £670, 686k at £650. Kilkeel farmer: 644k at £620. Cabra farmer: 662k at £600.

BULLOCKS: Dromara farmer: 670k at £1165, 590k at £1080, 642k at £1035, 530k at £1000, 590k at £1000. Mayobridge farmer: 546k at £975. Glassdrummond farmer: 566k at £970, 534k at £970, 536k at £950. Newcastle farmer: 536k at £950, 464k at £875, 468k at £835, 490k at £820. Dromara farmer: 524k at £910, 560k at £910, 394k at £650, 530k at £860. Warrenpoint farmer: 500k at £915, 546k at £975, 516k at £900, 528k at £890. Fr bullocks sold to £830 for 482k.

A great entry of 1300 sheep on Tuesday evening saw fat lambs sell to £77 for two lots from Tandragee. Most heavy lambs sold from £74.50 to £77. Store lambs sold to 374p/k for 24 lambs at 15.5k from Shinn. A Leitrim farmer sold 17.5 at £63.50 or 363p/k and 18k at £63.50 or 353p/k. A Drumlee farmer sold 14.5k at £50 or 345p/k. A Ballynahinch farmer: 18.5k at £60.50. A Ballymartin farmer: 17k at £61.50 or 362p/k.

FAT EWES AND RAMS: Corbally farmer: Fat ram at £107. Ewes: Fedney farmer: £98. Kilkeel farmer: £93. Cabra farmer: £86. Dromara farmer: £84. Kilkeel farmer: £84 and Dromore farmer: £81.