Hustler is ideal for NVZs and saves 20% on feed costs

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You’re probably already aware of the benefits in using a bale feeder, with livestock following rather than gathering around a ring feeder and trampling the ground.

Especially in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones. What you may not know is Hustler bale feeders also save 20% on feed costs, a proven fact and one which is hard to ignore. There is no doubt that Hustler from Wessex International have steadily built an enviable reputation for performance, ease of use and reliability, with a good choice of mounted or trailed bale feeders, both chain and chainless. Common features are low maintenance, easily adjustable feed rate, the facility to feed round or square bales and tough polyurethane floors that are non corrosive, impervious to UV, slippery, easily repairable and very shock resistant. The poly base ensures every bit of fodder is discharged. On chain driven models the chains themselves are massively heavy-duty for durability. In fact, say Wessex, there has never been a request for a replacement chain, such is their strength, reliability and durability. The Hustler SL-450X mounted bale feeder is based on the popular SL-350 but with the added advantage of an extension chute to allow delivery of the fodder into a high level trough or manger, clear of the wheels of the tractor. There’s a very low cradle for ease of loading, a high back bar to safely retain the bale and the baler requires only one hydraulic spool to operate it.

If you’re feeding at a distance from the bale storage area, the Hustler SL-700X towed bale feeder is ideal as it allows two bales to be taken to the stock at the same time. One bale is lifted on the spikes and placed on the cradle ready for feeding while the second bale is carried on the rear, allowing two bales to be fed before returning to reload. Again, you can easily feed round or square bales and chopped material. On this feeder the towing eye has an easy-to-use 50mm height adjustment that enables it to stay level behind virtually any tractor and the ability to rotate 360° makes feeding on steep terrain trouble free. You can also feed from left or right. Suited to the fastest tractors there’s a lower centre of gravity and steeper feed cradle resulting in a 20% increase in stability, for greater safety and peace of mind. The drive system includes a coupling that provides unparalleled direct drive strength, while a bigger motor allows you to feed even the heaviest and sloppiest bales with ease. Wessex International: 01264 345870