Impressive bulls at Genus stud

Skyhigh Patrol
Skyhigh Patrol

The progress of the Friesian bulls at Genus ABS stud at Whenby impressed their Dairy Breeding Specialist, Bill Foster when he visited recently.

Three bulls in particular caught his eye - Patrol, Garve and Consul.

Blackisle Garv

Blackisle Garv

Skyhigh Patrol, whose pedigree includes Rocket 3rd x GlenAlbyn x Panatella, is bred from a tremendous cow family and his dam is one of the all time great cows in the Friesian breed. Blackisle Pauline 71 is classified EX95 (Friesian) and has averaged 11,900kg for six lactations, at 4.86%F and 3.40%P calving every 11 months!

She sold for 8,800gns at the Skyhigh dispersal sale in 2013 and is now milking very well in Richard Pilkington’s Aintree herd. She has calved regularly, gaining time every year, and this outstanding fertility is now being passed onto her grand-daughters through Patrol.

Skyhigh Quentin Pauline, a maternal half sister of Patrol, sold for 9,200gns at the Skyhigh sale and has recently been classified VG87 (Friesian) in her first lactation. She was the Heifer Champion at the 2014 Dairy Event.

Blackisle Garve, a Marshside Rocket 3rd son, also emanates from a fantastic cow family. His dam is Blackisle Laura 19 BFE92(2) who averaged 8818kgs at 4.37%F and 3.41%P over eight lactations, while his grand dam Blackisle Laura 9 BFV85 averaged 9798kgs at 3.91%F and 3.37%P over six lactations.

Garve is a maternal half brother of Blackisle Laura 45 BFE95(4) and Blackisle Laura 27 BFE90, that have both given yields over 10,000kg. Laura 45 is the dam of Blackisle Laura 68 EX91, an outstanding Glen Albyn daughter owned by Bill O’Keefe in Ireland.

Garve is one of the top ranking Type bulls in the Friesian breed at +1.9 Type Merit. His daughters are slightly taller than average with deep bodies. Garve is a great choice for improving udders, at +1.7 Mammary.

Another Marshside Rocket 3rd son, is Deangate Consul, bred from four generations of long lasting cows. Consul’s dam, Deangate Cindy 27 BFE90, is milking well in her seventh lactation. She is the dam of Deangate Cindy 32 BFE94, the highest classified cow in the Deangate herd currently milking in her 5th lactation.

Consul’s dam is a maternal half sister of Deangate Centurion, one of the best ever bulls in the Friesian breed, and Consul is continuing the family tradition

Cindy 13 BFE90, the grand-dam of Consul, gave over 90 tonnes of milk in 11 lactations at high fat and protein percentages.

Consul’s pedigree also provides an outcross for many Friesian breeders, with no Gornal Pegasus, Tittenser Hylke or Blackisle Glen Albyn blood.

For further information on the full range from Genus ABS contact your local Genus ABS representative or phone the office on 028 3833 4426.