Impressive turnout of stock at Draperstown

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An impressive amount of stock sold on Friday to an excellent trade throughout. Bullocks £1180/620kg, heifers £1035/430kg, weanlings £865/360kg and fat cows £1057.80/860kg.

BULLOCKS: A Harpur £1180/620kg, George Johnston £1165/740kg, Martin Devlin £1100/630kg, Hugh and Ryan Bradley £1095/600kg, George Johnston £1095/730kg, Martin Devlin £1090/650kg, £1090/640kg, Wilbert Wylie £1090/650kg, Hugh and Ryan Bradley £1080/640kg, £1075/590kg, Jerome McGoldrick £1050/590kg, Joseph Dickson £1040/530kg, £1040/550kg, Wilbert Wylie £1030/560kg, James Duffy £1015/570kg,Moyola Farm £1000/520kg, Wilbert Wylie £995/580kg, £985/590kg, £970/510kg, £940/580kg, £940/550kg, George Johnston £990/640kg, £980/640kg, £955/690kg, Una Lee £970/530kg, Moyola Farm £950/500kg, Joseph Dickson £945/500kg, Michael Lagan £940/560kg, Martin Devlin £940/600kg, George Johnston £940/600kg, Moyola Farm £935/450kg, Joseph Dickson £935/500kg, £930/470kg, Hugh and Ryan Bradley £930/530kg, George Johnston £925/540kg, Wilbert Wylie £925/550kg, Martin Devlin £920/580kg, Una Lee £910/550kg.

HEIFERS: Martin Brogan £1035/430kg, Thomas Henry £1000/620kg, Robert Wilson £975/510kg, Moyola Farm £975/470kg, Derek Hunter £970/580kg, £945/540kg, E Biggar £930/460kg, £910/430kg, Joseph Dickson £900/480kg, Robert Wilson £900/520kg, John Connell £895/450kg, E Biggar £895/430kg, John Connoll £885/460kg, Moyola Farm £885/450kg, Derek Hunter £880/470kg, Robert Wilson £865/490kg, Alan Guy £855/430kg, E Biggar £850/440kg, £84/410kg, Alan Guy £845/440kg, Robert Wilson £840/470kg.

WEANLINGS MALE: Brendan McCloskey £970/390kg, £90/40kg, John Cavanagh £875/320kg, £845/380kg, Osmond Bell £870/340kg, £840/340kg, £840/340kg, Michael McCullagh £815/400kg, £810/370kg, £800/410kg, £800/400kg, Peter McNally £800/390kg, £770/330kg, Peter and Stephen McNally £800/390kg, RJ and SR Mawhinney £785/370kg, £765/60kg, John Cavanagh £780/380kg, £725/380kg, Brendan McCloskey £765/410kg, £725/370kg, Eric Connor £745/310kg, £720/290kg, Peter McNally £740/360kg, Moore Bros £720/30kg.

WEANLINGS FEMALES: Brendan McCloskey £865/360kg, Michael McCullagh £715/350kg, £700/360kg, £700/30kg, £700/350kg, £700/320kg, £690/340kg, £690/340kg, £685/360kg, £685/30kg, £670/330kg, £665/320kg, Brendan McCloskey £695/420kg, Ralph Pickering £690/360kg, Philip Bryson £600/290kg.

FAT COWS: Barry McKenna £1057.80/860kg, Thomas Henry £951.60/780kg, Raymond McTeague £847/700kg, £77720/580kg, Brendan Lagan £765/660kg, Robert Bryson £741/780kg, Bernard Hargan £730.80/630kg, Ralph Pickering £723.90/570kg, Peter McElhone £696.60/540kg, Michael McCrory £68040/540kg, I and A Sinclair £676.20/460kg, T Martin £657.20/530kg, £627.30/510kg, 609.50/50kg, 603/450kg, Seamus McKenna £640.20/660kg.