Improved trade for sheep at Markethill

Another large entry of 2070 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday 12th August sold in a further improved trade.

The 1550 lambs sold to £80 each for 25.6 kilos (313p). Main demand sold from 275p to 294p per kilo. The sale average for heavy lambs was 25.5 kilos @ £72.20 each (283p)

Middleweight lambs sold to 297p per kilo for 20.5 kilos @ £60.80 each. All suitable pens sold from 280p to 296p per kilo.

Another very large entry of store lambs sold in an excellent trade. Light stores sold to 363p per kilo for 12.8 kilos @ £46.50, followed by 357p per kilo for 14.4 kilos @ £46.50 each. All good quality pens sold from 300p to 347p per kilo. Stronger pens sold to 319p per kilo for 18.3 kilos @ £58.50 each.

The 250 cull ewes sold readily with good quality pens from £60 to £91 each. Plainer ewes sold from £40 to £58 each.

Another full house of breeding sheep sold in a firmer demand. Hoggets sold to £155 each. A total of 22 pens sold from £120 to £150 each.

Rams sold in a good demand. Texels sold @ £330, £320, £250 & £230 each. Char Rams sold to £300 each. Suffolk Rams sold to £250 each.

HEAVY LAMBS: Madden farmer 25.6k £80 313p; Belleeks farmer 25.2k £74.20 294p; Markethill farmer 25k £73.50 293p; Killylea farmer 24k £68.80 287p; Tandragee farmer 25.5k £72.50 286p; Armagh farmer 24k £68.50 286p; Portadown farmer 25.5k £72.50 284p; Loughgall farmer 25.5k £72.80 283p; Tassagh farmer 26.5k £74.80 282p

MIDDLEWEIGHT LAMBS: Newry farmer 20.5k £60.80 297p; Armagh farmer 20.9k £61.80 296p; Camlough farmer 23.4k £69 294p; killylea farmer 20k £58.50 292p; Caledon farmer 20.3k £59.50 292p; Portadown farmer 23k £67.20 292p; Newry farmer 21.6k £63 291p; Collone farmer 23.2k £67.80 291p.

STORES: Richhill farmer 12.8k £46.50 363p; Hilltown farmer 12.8k £46.50 363p; Hilltown farmer 14.4k £51.50 357p; Desertmartin farmer 13.5k £47 347p; Hilltown farmer 14.3k £49.50 346p; Camlough farmer 14k £48 343p; Camlough farmer 15.5k £52.50 339p; Belleeks farmer 15.6k £52.50 337p; Mayobridge farmer 16.4k £54,80 334p; Hilltown farmer 14.7k £49 333p; Newtownhamilton farmer 14.8k £49.50 333p; Moira farmer : 17k £55.50 326p.