Increased entry of quality cattle at Downpatrick

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At the fortnightly cattle sale on Monday night, 17th, there was an increased entry of quality store and heavy cattle.

A Ballyward farmer topped the sale with a LIM bullock at 380kg £870(2.29ppk), In the heavy weight cattle category, an Ardglass farmer presented a well-bred AA bullock at 646kg £1225 (1.896ppk).

Leading prices in all categories as follows:

BULLOCKS: Ballyward farmer 380kg LIM £870 (2.289ppk), Ballykinler farmer 476kg LIM £1045(2.20ppk), Drumaness farmer 338kg DAQ £730(2.16ppk), aughlisnafin farmer 356kg DAQ £765(2.149ppk), Clough farmer 442kg BB £919(2.08ppk), Ballyward farmer 340kg LIM £704 (2.07ppk), Ardglass farmer 346kg CH £695(2.01ppk), Conianstown farmer 400kg LIM £800(2.00ppk), Ballyward farmer 396kg LIM £790(1.995ppk), Drumaness farmer 420kg BB £805(1.917ppk), Downpatrick farmer 646kg AA £1225(1.896ppk), & 592kg BB £1099(1.858ppk), Castlescreen farmer 404kg SHB £750(1.856ppk), Loughinisland farmer 538kg BB £990 (1.84ppk), Ardglass farmer 614kg BB £1115(1.816ppk), Crossgar farmer 326kg LIM £590(1.81ppk), Downpatrick farmer 556kg BB £995(1.79ppk), Downpatrick farmer 576kg BB £1030(1.788ppk), Downpatrick farmer 576kg BB £1000(1.767ppk) & 514kg LIM £900 (1.75ppk) & 600kg BB £1050(1.75ppk), Ballynoe farmer 504kg BB £880(1.746ppk), Seaforde farmer 574kg BB £1000(1.74ppk), Loughinisland farmer 508kg HER £885(1.74ppk), Downpatrick farmer 580kg £1005(1.73ppk) & 624kg BB £1075(1.72ppk), Annacloy farmer 646kg CH £1111(1.72pk) & 584kg SIM £1004(1.72ppk) & 562kg BB £964 (1.717ppk), Downpatrick farmer 578kg BB £990(1.71ppk) & 500kg BB £850kg(1.70ppk).

HEIFERS: Clough farmer 298kg CH £620 (2.08ppk) & 296kg CH £610 & 332kg CH £670( 2.018ppk), & 350kg CH £705(2.01ppk), Ballykinler farmer 380kg LIM £730(1.92ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 292kg LIM £560 (1.92ppk), Ballynoe farmer 406kg LIM £740 (1.82ppk), Ballykinler farmer 356kg LIM £630 (1.77ppk) & 384kg CH £668(1.74ppk), Ballynoe farmer 424kg LIM £705(1.66ppk), Ballynahinch farmer 268kg LIM £440(1.64ppk) ,Strangford farmer 360kg HER £580(1.61ppk), Ballynoe farmer 250kg LIM £620(1.92ppk), Strangford farmer 468kg HER £650 (1.39ppk), Saintfield farmer 478kg LIM£620(1.30kg), Kilclief farmer 488kg LIM £605 (1.24ppk), Ballynoe farmer 318kg LIM £640(1.17ppk), Ardglass farmer 568kg AA £790kg LIM £635(1.12).


A Dundrum farmer presented a three year old Limousin cow at £1560, Annacloy farmer AA £1300, & HER £915, Ardglass farmer £900, & DAQ £790, Ballykinler farmer SIM at £780 and an Annacloy farmer HER at £785.

At the weekly sheep sale on Saturday, 15th, fat lambs sold to £75.00 and fat ewes to £61;

Leading prices in all categories as follows;

FAT LAMBS: Ballyculter farmer 25kg £75.00, Killough farmer 24kg £73.20, Ballynoe farmer 25kg £68.75, Killyleagh farmer 26kg £67.80, Ballykinlerfarmer 23kg £67.50, Tyrella farmer 24kg £66.80, Crossgar farmer 23.5kg £66.00, Ballykinler farmer 25kg £66.00, Killyleagh farmer 24kg £65.20, Clough farmer 23kg £65.00, Portaferry farmer 22.5kg £65.00, Burrenreagh farmer 23kg £65.00, Ballynoe farmer 23kg £65.00, Crossgar farmer 23kg £62.00, Saintfield farmer 23kg £64.00 , Portaferry farmer 22kg £64.00, Ballykinler farmer 21kg, £63.00, Castlewellan farmer 23kg £62.00, Lisburn farmer 21kg £62.00, Castlewellan farmer 21kg £61.00, Ballyward farmer 21kg £60.50, Killyleagh farmer 21kg £60.50, Backaderry farmer 21kg £59.00, Ballyward farmer 18kg £55.00, Castlewellan farmer 17kg £54.80, Strangford farmer 20kg £48.00, Rostrevor farmer 16.5kg £47.50 & Downpatrick farmer 18kg £41.00.

FAT EWES: Ballygowan farmer £61, Castlewellan farmer £60, Downpatrick farmer £60, Ballycruttle farmer £57, Corbally farmer £57, Crossgar farmer £55, Ballykinlar farmer £52 and Castlewellan farmer £50.