Increased entry of store cattle at Markethill

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An increased entry of store cattle at Markethill on Saturday 15th August returned an excellent trade with prices slightly firmer on the week.


The 200 store bullocks included several pens of top quality forward bullocks which sold to £212 per 100k for 504k at £1070. All top quality lots from £190 per 100k to 206 per 100k. Top price £1240 for 616k (201). Middleweight bullocks to £206 per 100k for 408k at £840. Main demand from £180 per 100k to £205 per 100k. Main demand from £180 per 100k to £205 per 100k. Forward Friesian steers from £135 per 100k to £150 per 100k for 640k at £960. Middleweight friesians from £130 per 100k to £145 per 100k for 414k at £600.

FORWARD BULLOCKS: Markethill producer 504k £1070 212p/k: 506k £1045 206p/k: Portadown producer 542k £1100 203p/k: Armagh producer 636k £1285 202p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 616k £1240 201p/k: Armagh producer 532k £1050 197p/k: Hillsborough producer 554k £1085 196p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 608k £1190 196p/k:

FORWARD FRIESIAN BULLOCKS: Mayobridge producer 640k £960 150p/k: Armagh producer 540k £800 148p/k: Mayobridge producer 588k £855 145p/k: 624k £895 143p/k: Tandragee producer 544k £780 143p/k: Portadown producer 536k £730 136p/k: Tandragee producer 558k £740 133p/k: Mayobridge producer 528k £700 133p/k:

MIDDLEWEIGHT BULLOCKS: Armagh producer 408k £840 206p/k: Moy producer 404k £830 205p/k: Portadown producer 440k £900 204p/k: Armagh producer 450k £920 204p/k: Portadown producer 478k £965 202p/k: Cullyhanna producer 424k £840 198p/k: Portadown producer 486k £960 197p/k: Cullyhanna producer 410k £800 195p/k: Armagh producer 414k £800 193p/k

MIDDLEWEIGHT FRIESIAN BULLOCKS: Tandragee producer 414k £600 145p/k: Tandragee producer 402k £580 144p/k: Collone producer 434k £615 142p/k: Annaghmore producer 464k £640 138p/k: Tandragee producer 458k £630 138p/k: Tandragee producer 438k £595 136p/k: Armagh producer 498k £675 136p/k.


The 110 store heifers sold in a firm trade with good quality middleweights from £190 per 100k to £216 per 100k for 426k at £920. Lightweights to £227 per 100k for 306k at £695. Suitable forward heifers from £180 per 100k to £195 per 100k for 608k at £1185. Second quality heifers from £165 per 100k to £175 per 100k.

FORWARD HEIFERS: Cullyhanna producer 608k £1185 195p/k: Newry producer 518k £1000 193p/k: Tassagh producer 576k £1080 188p/k: Cullyhanna producer 518k £965 186p/k: Benburb producer 588k £1080 184p/k: Fivemiletown 543k £990 183p/k: Tassagh 578k £1050 182p/k.

MIDDLEWEIGHT HEIFERS: Newtownhamilton producer 426k £920 216p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 448k £960 214p/k: Newry producer 494k £1045 212p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 402k £840 209p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 416k £850 204p/k: Newtownhamilton producer 438k £890 203p/k: Richhill producer 462k £935 202p/k: Richhill producer 496k £995 201p/k:

LIGHTWEIGHT HEFIERS: Millford producer 306k £695 227p/k: Millford producer 314k £685 218p/k: Moy producer 314k £680 216p/k: Armagh producer 366k £780 213p/k: Millford producer 330k £680 206p/k: Moy producer 398k £820 206p/k: Millford producer 392k £790 201p/k:


Male weanlings sold to £248 per 100k for 286k at £710. Main demand from £200 per 100k to £242 per 100k.

WEANLINGS: Camlough producer 286k £710 248p/k: Katesbridge producer 240k £580 242p/k: Keady producer 290k £680 234p/k: Keady producer 356k £830 233p/k: Katesbridge producer 240k £555 231p/k: Katesbridge producer 240k £545 227p/k: Markethill producer 318k £730 229p/k:


The 20 lots of sucklers sold to £1500 for a Lim cow and bull calf. Others sold at £1440, £1310 and £1160.