Increased numbers under the hammer at Enniskillen

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There were increased numbers at Thursday’s cattle sales with all types in demand. In the bullock ring light weights selling from 210p to 242p for a Ch 360kg at 870. Medium weights sold for 205p to 256p for a Lim 442kg at 1135. Heavy lots sold from 185p to 217p for a Lim 520kg at 1130, and up to 1425 per head.

BULLOCKS: Newtown producer LIM 442kg at 1135, LIM 322kg at 1310,CH 652kg at 1300, LIM 628kg at 1250; Lisnaskea producer CH 360kg at 870; Trillick producer LIM 396kg at 900; Enniskillen producer CH 466kg at 1050, CH 510kg at 1100; Kesh producer CH 450kg at 990; Letterbreen producer LIM 520kg at 1130; Aghalane producer CH 786kg at 1425, CH 704kg at 1400, CH 704kg at 1400; Fivemiletown producer LIM 646kg at 1290; Dungannon producer AA 660kg at 1260.


In the weanling ring bullocks sold from 680 to 965 for a CH 380kg, heifers sold from 550 to 800 for a CH 332kg.

Ruling price:

Letterbreen producer 332kg CH hfr at 800, 230kg CH hfr at 630, 330kg CH steer at 825, 269kg CH hfr at 705, 326kg CH hfr at 770; Kinawley producer 380kg CH bull at 965, 349kg LIM bull at 820, 299kg LIM bull at 790, 310kg CH bull at 865; Kesh producer 288kg CH steer at 740, 288kg CH steer at 820, 393kg CH steer at 870, 422kg CH bull at 855, 411kg CH bull at 805, 327kg LIM at 760; Belleek producer 343kg CH hfr at 875, 346kg CH hfr at 810, 235kg CH bull at 705, 305kg CH bull at 780, 331kg CH hfr at 795; Bellanaleck producer 240kg SIM steer at 645, 329kg SIM steer at 735, ; Fivemiletown producer 320kg CH hfr at 715, 291kg CH hfr at 705; Enniskillen producer 327kg CH steer at 830, 313kg CH steer at 855, 344kg CH steer at 860, 427kg CH steer at 930, 360kg CH steer at 885; Derrylin producer 250kg CH hfr at 720, 207kg CH hfr at 685, 370kg LIM steer at 840; Maguiresbirdge producer 430kg CH bull at 955, 473kg CH bull at 960, 381kg CH steer at 940, 423kg CH steer at 925.


Tempo producer AA bull at 360, BB bull at 335, AA bull at 310, AA hfr at 260, AA bull at 350; Springfeild producer HER hfr at 340, FR bull at 160; Derrygonnelly producer BB bull at 340, BB hfr at 275, BB bull at 255; Lisnaskea producer HERE bull at 310; Kesh producer CH bull at 300; Fivemiletown producer AA bull at 275.


Tempo producer LIM cow with bull at 1460, CH cow with bull at 1330, SIM cow with hfr at 1280; Letterbreen producer SPG CH cow at 1120, SPG LIM cow at 1110; Florencecourt producer SPG SH cow at 1070, SPG SH cow at 1000

Heifers: Beef lots sold to 218ppk paid for a 590kg AA at 1150, While medium weights sold from 189-244ppk paid for a 335kg CH at 820; Lisnaskea producer CH 590kg at 1285; Ballinamallard producer CH 650kg at 1285, CH 610kg at 1235, CH 600kg at 1205, CH 545kg at 1100; Fintona producer CH 640kg at 1280, CH 600kg at 1210; Springfield producer CH 555kg at 1150, CH 550kg at 1100.

Fat cows

Beef lots sold from 120-172ppk paid for a 670kg CH at 1150, FRE cows from 70-123ppk paid for a 560kg FR at 690

Derrylin producer CH 670kg at 1150; Garrison producer CH 630kg at 1060, CH 620kg at 1005; Newtown producer CH 740kg at 1115, CH 616kg at 980; Lisbellaw producer CH 690kg at 1070; Florencecourt producer CH 750kg at 1125; Garrison producer CH 680kg at 990.