Injunction paves way for launch of Sexcel by Genus

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Following a permanent injunction just announced by the US District Court for Western Wisconsin, Genus ABS is now in a position to launch its own brand of sexed genetics -Sexcel. The permanent injunction was in connection with Genus ABS’ litigation against Inguran LLC, operating as Sexing Technologies (ST).

Sexcel is produced through a novel technology for sexing bovine semen that does not subject the cells to the high pressures, electric currents and shear forces of the technology currently in use in the industry. The commercial launch of Sexcel will provide ABS customers with a new product to help them achieve profit through genetic progress. ABS customers have already successfully used trial Sexcel™ units across Europe, with heifer calves now on the ground.

“We are very excited to bring our innovative 21st century technology to the market and introduce competition to the marketplace,” said Andrew Thompson, EMEA Regional Director. “We know we have a strong product and trial results validate that we have a very effective sexed offering to present to our customers. We are also excited to bring competition to the market for bovine sexed semen processing.”

In granting the permanent injunction the court confirmed that ST is prevented from enforcing certain research, marketing and non-compete restrictions under the 2012 Semen Sorting Agreement between ST and ABS.