Introduction to Compact TMR feeding system for dairy cows

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Compact TMR (Total Mixed Ration) is a mixing and feeding concept that targets nutrition and behaviour of dairy cows with the aim to simultaneously benefit productivity, efficiency and health.

With Compact TMR all cows in a feeding group have unlimited access to a feed mix that cannot be sorted.

“Compact TMR – for improved feed efficiency” is the subject of a webinar to be held on Tuesday 17th January at 12 noon (GMT) by EuroDairy: a pan European network for dairy farming, which is linked to farmers in Northern Ireland through AgriSearch, the NI Agricultural Research and Development Council. 

On the webinar Niels Bastian Kristensen from SEGES, Denmark will give the essentials of the Compact TMR concept.

This will include the feed bunk management, evaluation of cow behaviour, mixing process, and adjustments of feed mixers.

The webinar is free of charge and will be of interest to farmers, advisors and industry.

Further information on the webinar, including how to register and join can be found on the AgriSearch website

A second webinar will be held on Tuesday 24th January at 5.30pm on the subject of “Innovation in hoof health”. 

Join Professor Jon Huxley (Nottingham Vet School) to hear about new approaches to lameness control in dairy cattle.

Every year thousands of cows are treated for claw horn lesions, such as sole ulcers and white line disease, but hard evidence on the most effective treatment is limited.

A five year study on commercial farms in England highlighted the importance of early detection and treatment of claw horn lesions.

These new research findings are fed directly into programmes such as the AHDB Dairy Healthy Feet Programme which helps farmers make changes to reduce lameness on their farm.

This webinar is free of charge will be of interest to farmers, advisors and veterinary surgeons.

Further information on both webinars, including how to register and join can be found on the AgriSearch website

Each webinar will last around 30 minutes and will include a question and answer session.

EuroDairy: a pan European network for dairy farming has 20 member organisations from 14 member states of the European Union. 

Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme, EuroDairy will foster the development and dissemination of practice-based innovation in dairy farming, targeting key sustainability issues following the abolition of milk quotas: socio economic resilience, resource efficiency, animal care, and the integration of milk production with biodiversity objectives.