Irish Moilie beef scheme to be launched

Irish Moiled grazing woodland
Irish Moiled grazing woodland

On Saturday, June 22, 2019 the Irish Moiled Cattle Society will be holding their open day and AGM on the farm of Brian and Anne Marie O’Kane at Martinstown, Ballymena.

This event is open to everyone.

Irish Moilie beef scheme logo

Irish Moilie beef scheme logo

The day will commence at 12 noon with the opportunity to view the Ravelglen Herd, including the new AI bull, Ravelglen Rocky, followed by several workshops.

The focus of the day will be the launch of the Irish Moilie Beef Scheme with guest speaker Seamus Heverin who will be giving an insight into his successful meat business O’Heverin Irish Moil Beef based in Co Mayo, followed by the society AGM at 5pm.

The Glensway Tavern will be preparing a five-course taster menu prepared by head chef Dermot McGoohan alongside beer sommelier Des McCann.

The Irish Moiled is an ancient, hornless, medium sized breed of cattle native to the island of Ireland.

Irish Moiled steak perfect for a barbecue

Irish Moiled steak perfect for a barbecue

It is the only surviving native breed of domestic livestock in Northern Ireland. The story of the Irish Moiled is one of survival through the ages.

These cattle have shared space on this island with us for generations and have relied on us for survival as we have them.

It is a partnership, that with the help of a group of dedicated breeders and continued support from the beef buying public that will help preserve the breed for generations to come.

Irish Moilie Beef comes from cattle that are predominantly fed on grass-based systems, often grazed outdoors all year around, where the ground conditions allow.

Grass is made into hay and silage for feed in the winter months with only a small amount of grain being fed in harsh conditions.

Irish Moilie Beef is a premium beef reared using traditional farming methods, in a highly ethical environment by a team of dedicated breeders, to a standard set out by the Irish Moiled Cattle Society. 

The Irish Moiled Cattle Society encourages all purveyors of Irish Moilie Beef to register with the society or to source their beef from a registered wholesaler. 

Only pure bred Irish Moiled animals will be used in the Irish Moilie Beef Scheme and every animal comes with a certificate issued by the society.

The purity and authenticity of the Irish Moiled breed is backed up by all breeding animals having undergone a DNA parentage test carried out 
by the Irish Moiled Cattle Society.

The breed has a very low environmental impact and are used in many instances in specialised conservation grazing projects.

The breed can graze on a wide variety of plants including ash, ivy and willow.

Their grazing helps to encourage the growth of a wide range of plants and flora.

The variety of their forage and the slow maturing of the animal adds to the depth of flavour of the meat.

Beef reared in this system takes longer to mature but the superior premium product is worth the wait. Irish Moilie Beef is highly marbled with a fine distinctive buttery flavour that coats the mouth while eating.

The beef is particularly suitable for use in a system, that embraces the use of the whole carcass.

The cheaper cuts are full of flavour and tenderness which will allow chefs to explore a wide variety of uses with confidence that the flavour will stand on its own.

It has been shown that beef from mainly grass reared cattle have a higher level of healthy fats (Omega 3s) and antioxidants than beef reared on diets high in grain/concentrates, therefore has many health benefits.

The Irish Moilie Beef scheme that is about to be launched by the society will target all the links of the supply chain, right from farm to the plate.

The scheme should create a demand and increase the value of purebred Irish Moiled steers, making them much more sustainable for breeders to finish or sell to specialised Irish Moilie beef finishing units.

The scheme will enable butchers to conveniently source finished Irish Moiled cattle either directly from breeders or beef finishing units to meet the demand of this premium product.

The Irish Moiled being a medium sized carcase produces an 8oz steak of perfect thickness for the housewife which is also highly marbled and very tender.

Not only are butchers seeing increased consumer interest but also restaurants are now wanting to meet the demand from diners who want a locally sourced, high quality product.

On Saturday, June 15 Ballymena Agricultural Show has introduced Irish Moiled classes kindly sponsored by Pollocks Car Sales.

Please stop with breeders to find out more about the breed or visit the Irish Moiled Facebook page or website