Irwin slams arson attack

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Newry and Armagh DUP MLA Mr William Irwin has slammed those responsible for an arson attack on a property at Armagh Road in Newry on Wednesday night which caused extensive damage to a shed and machinery and also killed a pedigree Bull.

Condemning the arson attack as ‘reckless’, Mr Irwin said the incident has caused great heartache for the family who owned the bull and the shed.

Mr Irwin said: “This was an act of cowardice carried out under the cover of darkness while the owners were away for the evening. Losing the shed and the machinery has caused much upset but to think that thugs would also target a poor defenceless animal in this way is beyond comprehension.

“I know this family very well and they are well respected throughout the area contributing much to the local community. A vehicle belonging to the owner, which is used on a daily basis as part of the business, was also badly damaged and will result in a detrimental impact on the livelihood of the owner. However, losing the prized bull has caused the greatest distress to the family.”

Mr Irwin added: “This was a despicable attack upon a decent hard working family by the dregs of society and I trust that those involved will be apprehended sooner rather than later.”

Mr Irwin said he has spoken to the PSNI about the incident and has urged anyone who observed anything suspicious in the Armagh Road/Kidd’s Road area on Wednesday night to contact the Police immediately.