Irwin welcomes EU approval


Newry & Armagh DUP Assemblyman and Chairman of Stormont’s Agriculture Committee William Irwin MLA has welcomed the EU approval of Northern Ireland’s application for Brucellosis Free Status.

Mr Irwin stated: “This is an important milestone and I welcome the granting of Brucellosis Free Status by the EU and it comes after a lot of work by the industry which has now yielded an important result.

“Biosecurity remains of vital importance and the award of Brucellosis Free Status must not be seen by farmers as a chance to relax or be complacent about herd health.

“Other diseases are still prevalent such as TB 
and we must continue to 
be on our guard and maintain good practice on disease limitation and control.”

He added: “Farmers 
will be delighted that this month sees the end of pre-movement testing for Brucellosis and this will be a big saving for farmers not only given the inconvenience of testing but also the costs incurred.”

“In regards to TB there remains much work to be done and I again urge the department to redouble their efforts to impact on this disease especially given the advances made in other parts of the UK and the RoI.”