Irwin welcomes PSNI rural crime operations

William Irwin MLA
William Irwin MLA

Newry and Armagh DUP Assembly candidate William Irwin has welcomed further joint operations between the PSNI and Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in the Middletown area.

Mr Irwin said he understood the operation was in response to cattle theft and stolen goods.

Mr Irwin stated: “I welcome the continued actions of the PSNI on rural crime and the link up with DEARA is an important aspect of this work in particular with regards to cattle marking and identification and tracing stolen livestock. This provides the necessary data verification to allow the PSNI to progress investigations where livestock theft is a focus.”

He added: “There has been a spate of rural crime in the area and I have been liaising with police and with the general public in terms of ensuring that people immediately pass on information that would be useful to police in their investigations.

“In previous successful anti-theft police operations, quick thinking members of the public have supplied vital information which has allowed the PSNI to target individuals or properties with precision, uncovering stolen items and also importantly seeing arrests made.”

He concluded: “Rural crime continues to be a scourge and it is important that police continue to pursue those behind these incidents and use all resources available to thwart these crime gangs that prey on our farming and rural community.”