Is it time to change?

Some of the latest imported Bulls from Austria to SQ Fleckvieh
Some of the latest imported Bulls from Austria to SQ Fleckvieh

Every farming paper you read, it is all ‘doom and gloom’.

The forecast is for further falls in milk price as the Spring Flush approaches. We have no control over the Base Price of the milk that goes down the lane. From over 10 years of Fleckvieh breeding we are starting to see all the benefits of the breed.

We have sold 20 Cull Cows since Christmas to average £1,000. Our three month old bull calves in Clogher last Saturday peaked £490 with the drop calves selling at home for £250 plus. We are getting 3ppl Bonus for Fat and Protein and Cell Count.

Two years ago we were getting 35ppl, now 21ppl. It’s all down to cutting costs and getting more money into the system from calves, cull cows, better fertility, lower vet bills and longevity.

The Fleckvieh Cow is the only cow that can do this with no drop in milk yield. We could not survive at 16ppl with Black and Whites. Is it time to change to Red and White?

Most of the other big AI companies are promoting the use of Angus, Hereford and Blues to increase calf price. In three years time you might run into the trap where you have not enough replacements. Fleckvieh can deliver both milk and beef.