It’s ‘Balmoral’ showtime on UTV

11 year old Brian Weatherup
11 year old Brian Weatherup

During a look back at the month of May 2014, the Balmoral Show, Northern Ireland’s largest annual agricultural exhibition, features on the next episode of Rare Breed – A Farming Year on Monday, 2 February at 8pm on UTV.

The Weatherup family from Carrickfergus prepare to show their prize-winning dairy cattle at the event with youngest son Brian taking charge of proceedings. Despite being only 11 years old, Brian confidently leads his older siblings, Julie and James to clip their cattle ahead of the show, something which he has only helped out with for the past two years.

Elsewhere, John Greene from Wexford is delighted to see the arrival of the year’s first strawberry crop, while in Laois, Michael Fennelly is selecting heifers for the purpose of breeding. Breeding is a crucial element of livestock farming and in Offaly, Hereford bull producer Joe Deverell is testing the fertility levels of his herd. The technology was originally designed for humans but is now being used on animals too.

In Galway the Bourn family are busy gathering up their flock of sheep for a general health-check, which proves to be troublesome when the flock consists of 1300 ewes and lambs.

In Skerries in Dublin, Colm Grimes is making the most of the improved weather by planting tens of thousands of leeks.