Johnston set to launch new folding buck rake

Seated is Mr William Johnston from Johnston Bros with Aaron McFarland discussing some design technicalities of the new Mega Push buck rake
Seated is Mr William Johnston from Johnston Bros with Aaron McFarland discussing some design technicalities of the new Mega Push buck rake

Fintona based engineering firm Johnston brothers are set to launch a new range of hydraulically folding buck rakes to their product portfolio.

The new range will be known as “Mega Push” and will have a 5 model line up within the range, Mega Push 12 to Mega Push 16 giving a 12 to 16 foot working width.

The new buck rake range will share the same 50mm heavy duty tines already used on their smaller siblings. There are however some very unique design features to this new heavy duty range which are listed:

a) Lower Tine box 150mm X 200mm

b) Pivot pin diameter 70mm steel bushed

c) Recessed high powered LED lights on folding wings.

d) Closed centre rear wall to reduce grass build up on loader attachment with slated outer rear wall.

e) Transport width is no wider than the width of the main frame.

The configuration of the Mega Push will use a 8 foot 7 inch centre with folding wings providing the working widths from 12 to 16 foot.

This means that the transport width of these machines are easy to manage especially on narrow roads and farm lanes. It also allows for easy winter storage.

The main USP (Unique selling point) of this machine is it’s large 70mm diameter folding wing pivot using high quality steel bushes. Most other competitors only use a 60mm pivot. Ram cylinder diameter is also a very impressive 80mm with the upper pivot positioned in the most geometrically efficient position, thus maximising wing lifting capacity and reducing pivot stress.

A large diameter rubber buffer is used to cushion the folding wing in transport position. This both reduces stress and transport noise.

As with all folding buck rakes they can be used in the folded or unfolded position for use in pits with narrow entrances or on the larger open pits and clamps.

The colour scheme of the new range of buck rakes will be the traditional red tines. The centre main frame and rear wall will be Johnston red and the two folding wings will be Johnston yellow.

A four port double acting check valve is incorporated into the hydraulic system so as to ensure an easy attach and disconnection of the buck rake from the loader. The folding wings are “wrench” protected by an accumulator on the cylinder piston side of the hydraulic ram. Both end posts on the folding wings come with reflection white, amber and red strips for useful demarcation both on and off the pit.

Aaron McFarland from T McFarland Agri Machinery also based in Fintona has been working closely with William Johnston from Johnston Bros as McFarland’s have customers currently looking for folding buck rakes. This is mainly due to increased pit size and also an increase in forager size, appetite and horse power, all of which have necessitated the need to get the grass quickly and safely off the ramp and on to the pit.

Aaron told William that he wants the buck rake to be better than anything else that is out there on the market.

Some competitors use weld on tines which Aaron maintains is a very primitive and backward method of mounting tines, especially when it comes to replacement due to wear or damage.

This new buck rake design is going to make a very big and bold statement that it has what it takes to compete in the folding buck rake market. The new model will be both strong and good looking.

Johnston Bros are planning to use the up coming Fintona show to make it’s début. The buck rake will be displayed on the T McFarland stand in the main arena, so this is another great reason to visit this very popular show.

The all important question that everyone will no doubt be asking is off course a very valid and logical question, how much will it cost?

Well the answer is simple and straightforward. The new Mega Push 15 model coming with weld on brackets, lights, hydraulic check valve and accumulator will cost customers £8,000.00 + vat.

The price is reflective of it’s quality and therefore this can be seen as a strong but effective long term investment, and is a very important piece of equipment in any large scale silage contracting business.

Aaron McFarland reckons that the price will be long forgotten after you remember the quality of the product itself.

For more information on this product or other Johnston Bros products, please watch this space in further weeks, or contact either Johnston Bros, 6 Carnalea Road, Fintona, tel: 02882841365 or T McFarland Agri, 24 Cavan Road, Fintona, tel: 02882841273.

Aaron can be contacted directly on 07872666310 and he looks forward to meeting you all at the Fintona show on 20th and 21st February.