Kaiti and Ronaldo on top dressage form at penultimate leg of the league

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Saturday, December 7 saw the penultimate leg of Hagans Crofts five week dressage league, and thankfully the weather was crisp and dry for the time of year.

The first class of the day was a British Dressage Intro test and there was two clear competitors battling it out for the top spot.

Only starting their dressage journey a few weeks ago, Kaiti McCann and Ronaldo have been working hard each week to improve on their previous week’s scores.

All this hard work has certainly been paying off as they were delighted to be saluting to a score of 73.91%, their best score to date, which set them in first place and achieving their first red rosette at Hagans Croft.

Very well done Kaiti and ‘Ronaldo’, organisers look forward to seeing what next week brings at the final!

Robyn McMurray and ‘Royanna’ were hot on Kaiti’s heels, achieving second place with a very close score of 73.47%.

On to the Newcomers class where Roberta Maginnis and ‘Moylough Lady’ pulled it out of the bag for a second week in a row, once again improving on last week’s score.

She steamed ahead into first place with a great score of 76.67%.

Class 3 Prelim saw the Milligan mother and daughter duo battle it out for the top spot.

It was all in good sport and with literally point two percent separating them, it really went down to the minutiae.

However, this week it was Antoinette’s turn to come home with the red ribbon on ‘King’s Appraisal’ with a score of 78.64%.

Keva riding ‘Bannan Storyteller’ came home with the blue ribbon with a score of 78.41%.

These were the two highest scores on the day so very well done.

Olivia Courtney and her colourful cob strode into first place in the Novice class with 75%, delighted to be in the top spot for the second week in a row.

Hagans Croft was delighted to be hosting the Winter League Dressage Qualifiers for Killultagh Old Rock & Chichester branch of the Pony Club.

Therefore next on the schedule was a pony club intro to dressage test.

With all six competitors from Killultagh Pony Club, it was great to see everyone supporting their team mates as, for some, it was their first ever dressage test.

Three of these six competitors were aged under 12 and three aged over 12, therefore this class was split in two.

Hollie Fitzpatrick wowed the judge Shenade Duggan as the only competitor in the class to achieve an over 70% score....75.83% to be exact and in no doubt was coming home with first place for the over 12s.

Doing the under 12s proud was Jess Vaughan and Glenview Enigma who saluted to a score of 68.33%, delighted to be placed first within the under 12 intro test.

Next came the Pony Club Novice test where Hollie Donnan and her beautiful grey ‘Killoughter Nuggett’ strutted their dressage moves to come home with a score of 76.14% and first place.

She was followed by Eabha Mallon and ‘Fragile Dreams’ from Iveagh Pony Club with a score of 69.1% and second place.

The Pony Club Open Dressage test was small in numbers but huge in talent, with both competitors scoring above 70 percent.

However, out on top with a fantastic score of 78% was Laura King and Bella from Iveagh Pony Club followed by Zara Wood and ‘Ard Mirah’ from Killultagh Pony Club with a score of 74.4%.

Thank you to all the competitors who supported the fourth leg of this five week league and Hagans Croft hopes to see you all again next week.

Thanks are extended to the judge Shenade Duggan and scribe Sadie Henry and Harriett Hogan

The league continues every Saturday until December 14 where the final week will be Christmas fancy dress for all competitors and non-competitors.

Spot prizes will be given on the day and there will be a guest appearance from Duke of The Dark Horse Bar & Coffee House, Belfast.

The final week is open to all competitors even if you have not qualified for the league.

A separate prize giving will be held for those competing on the day and those competing in the league.

To qualify for the final each horse/pony and rider combination must compete in three out of the five weeks and within the same dressage class.

Competitors must be present at the final to be eligible for league placings.

Scoring is based on a points system and details of league scores can be found on Hagans Crofts website or facebook page.

Rosettes are awarded to the first six placing each week and within the overall league placings.

Please see website or facebook for more details- www.haganscroftequestrian.co.uk or contact Gillian on 07849106453.

Dressage Results Saturday, December 7

Class 1 - Intro - British Dressage Introductory B, 2009

1) Kaiti McCann, Ronaldo 73.91%

2) Robyn McMurray, Royanna 73.47%

3) Laura Heatley, Master Fools Gold 73.26%

4) Anna Fredo, Archie 66.52%

5) Siobhan Holloway, Tullys Rebel 66.09%

6) Sarah McComb, Back to Black 65.65%; 6) Hannah Gray, Top Filed Lad 61.09%.

Class 2 - Newcomers - The Pony Club C Level Dressage Test. 2012

1) Roberta Maginnis, Moylough Lady 76.67%

2) Katie Donnelly, Killderry Captain 73.33%

3) Robyn McMurray, Royanna 6933%

4) Eabha Mallon, Fragile Dreams 68.67%.

Class 3 - Prelim - British Dressage Prelim 4, 2002

1) Antoinette Milligan, King’s Appraisal 78.64%

2) Keva Milligan, Bannan Storyteller 78.41%

3) Tina O’Connor, Rockrimmon Willow 67.73%

4) Susan Scott, Moher Made 65%.

Class 4 - Novice - British Dressage novice 28, 2008

1) Olivia Courtney, Moo 75%

2) Kerry Sloan, Ace of Clubs 74.55%

3) Debbie McAlister, Monty 72.5%.

Class A - PC Intro to Dressage (2019) - Over 12

1) Hollie Fitzpatrick, Admirals Voyage 75.83%

2) Megan McCambridge, Drumaran Nigel 68.33%

3) Niamh Moran, Ameera 63.61%.

Class A - PC Intro to Dressage (2019) - under 12

1) Jess Vaughan, Glenview Enigma 6833%

2) Ellie May Rogers, Mary Alice 66.94%

3) Jessica Rogers, Dawn 6556%.

Class B - PC Novice Dressage Test (2019)

1) Hollie Donnan, Killoughter Nuggett 76.14%

2) Eabha Mallon, Fragile Dreams 69.1%.

Class D - PC Open Dressage Test (2019)

1) Laura King, Bella 78%;

2) Zara Wood, Ard Mirah 74.4%.