Keen demand for store cattle at Plumbridge

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A keen demand for store cattle again this week in Plumbridge.

Sample prices: Bullocks: D Smyth, Donemana 450kg/£890, 460kg/£880, 450kg/£850, 420kg/£850, 400kg/£855, 380kg/£830, 420kg/£790, 410kg/£755. D Sheerin, Cranagh 310kg/£780, 340kg/£780, 340kg/£770, 300kg/£740, 290kg/£695, 280kg/£715, W D Millar, Newtownstewart 360kg/£830, 300kg£650, 340kg/£700. S Millar, 340kg/£780. P Gormley, Donemana 400kg/£810, 330kg/£810, 350kg/£810, 280kg/£650. F McAleer, Plumbridge 400kg/£790. J McAleer 460kg/£885, 400kg/£850, 380kg/£790. R Mowbray, Newtownstewart 400kg/£865, 350kg/£855, 340kg/£770, 420kg/£690.

Heifers: D Sheerin 360kg/£710, 330kg/£650, 340kg/£620, 300kg/£600, 330kg/£625. P Gormley 370kg/£750, 360kg/£660, W D and W J Campbell, Plumbridge. 320kg/£690, 280kg/£655, 310kg/£650, 260kg/£525. D Patterson, Donemana 300kg/£590, 260kg/£590, 240kg/£530, 290kg/£470. J P McBride, Plumbridge 370kg/£840, 380kg/£815, 410kg/£760, 410kg/£770, 410kg/£800, 360kg/£705, 350kg/£700, 300kg/£630. R Mowbray 370kg/£905, 370kg/£845, 310kg/£800, 380kg/£785, 360kg/£780.

Sheep fat ewes to £90.

In lamb ewes to £124, B/F hoggetts to £83.50, Suffolk hoggetts to £92.20.