Keep livestock healthy with PowerSpray pump

PowerSpray nozzle
PowerSpray nozzle

To help reduce antibiotic usage, yet keep livestock healthy and productive, Dutch dairy equipment engineer Hanskamp has developed a PowerSpray pump for automatic administration of animal health products in a nasal mist.

The PowerSpray was developed for atomising liquid supplements, medicine, or homeopathic remedies. The PowerSpray’s spray nozzle is installed in the feed trough in the feed station or milking robot and aimed at the cow’s nasal passages.

By atomising the liquid under high pressure active ingredients in the product can enter the bloodstream directly through the nasal membranes.

PowerSpray works with every major brand of cow recognition system allowing it to be used on an entire herd or individual cows. Each cow is automatically given the right dose.

The PowerSpray delivers a fine mist of 1 ml per spray making it easy to absorb through the nasal membranes. The PowerSpray can be expanded to up to six liquids per feed station or milking robot, depending on the number of available outputs on the feeding system.

PowerSpray allows you to automatically and simply administer liquids as a mist to your cows. For further details of PowerSpray and of Hanskamp stockists nationwide browse