Keep safe on the road this winter

Subaru Outback
Subaru Outback

Winter incoming. Slippery roads, standing water and greasy roundabouts. Made trickier by dark nights and oncoming headlights. Increased dangers for you, and your loved ones on the school or shopping run and daily commute.

What price safety? Sadly, few consider vehicle safety till it’s too late. Not all cars are equal, one manufacturer that stands apart is Subaru. The inventors of the All Wheel Drive system for cars, and long-term proponents of matching symmetrical AWD to a Boxer engine layout to get maximum grip and a low centre of gravity for impeccable road holding, their motorsport heritage is proof of superior vehicle design.

“There are few snowbound mountain passes or icelocked routes in Northern Ireland, fortunately,” said Subaru’s NI Manager Alastair Kerr, “But in reality treacherous corners with fuel or even farm spillages are every day occurrences, as is gravel on unmade road surfaces. More and more we come across standing water on our roads, it’s no longer seasonal. These are potentially lethal hazards, and can be frightening conditions for drivers, all year round.

“The beauty of Subaru’s drive system is each wheel grips at all four corners, all the time. There’s no loss of traction before a default kicks in, as found on cheaper, inferior alternatives. Subaru’s AWD is the best in the market, in our opinion. Our SUV’s are fantastic off-road too, and a firm favourite of farmers and vets - but most buyers just want the peace of mind knowing that in a Subaru you are in control, whatever the weather throws at you.

“We design protection into all our cars. Look under the rear doors of a Subaru and you’ll find steel beams that interlock with the chassis, to protect passengers from potentially serious side impacts. Our Boxer engines are designed to shear off and go down and under the car in the event of a heavy front end collision, shielding front passengers from cabin intrusion. Nobody likes to plan for accidents, but we really believe our cars offer not just class-leading protection, but also minimise your chances of being in an accident in the first place - by maximising control in adverse conditions.

“It’s no coincidence that in America we’ve been outselling the German brands combined. The independent American Insurers Association rated our Outback Eyesight collision avoidance system Best in Class. Eyesight is like a second pair of eyes, constantly reading the road ahead, ready to react when you don’t. It’s the best design in the market – stereoscopic cameras that identify dangers ahead.

“Are customers prepared to pay a little extra for lots more safety, and peace of mind? You and your loved ones are well worth it. Don’t forget the full Subaru range is on the UFU Affinity programme - that’s an exclusive NI benefit. Subaru residuals hold strongly – worldwide demand exceeds factory production and that keeps used values high. Come and try one, you won’t be disappointed. After all, safety on the farm is no accident.”