‘Keeping ‘er Lit’ at Clogher

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SONI’s (System Operator for Northern Ireland) Agricultural Liaison Office Fergal Keenan is getting ready to visit the Clogher Valley Show on 27th July.

Fergal works with landowners and the farming community on the proposed North South Interconnector Project. The scheme will connect the electricity grids in Northern Ireland and the Republic ensuring NI has a secure electricity supply. If approved, this vital project will strengthen the electricity grid via an overhead line running from Turleenan, County Tyrone to Derrynoose in County Armagh, before crossing the border.

The North South Interconnector will reduce electricity costs to consumers by increasing competition on the all-Ireland wholesale market. It will also facilitate the connection of more renewable energy onto the network, reducing Northern Ireland’s reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Fergal helps landowners through the various stages of the project. A dairy farmer from Gortin, Fergal has more than 20 years’ experience as a landowner liaison.

Before joining SONI, Fergal was a liaison officer with Wind NI and Bord Gais. He said: “When it comes to infrastructure projects like this, I know that some people will have concerns. I am here to discuss those concerns and answer questions about the proposed line; landowner compensation; what access and construction might look like as well as mitigation measures.

“As a farmer myself I know that developing the power grid can only happen when we work closely with the agricultural community.

“I am looking forward to bringing the new SONI mobile unit to the Clogher Valley Show as it is a wonderful opportunity to meet with landowners and the general public.”