Kells and Connor WI report

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Everyone was welcomed back to the Autumn session of Kells and Connor WI by President Rosemary McAllister.

Lorraine McBride gave a very interesting and informative talk and presentation on Bee Keeping.

Eleanor Lorimer gave a vote of thanks followed by a lovely supper. Anna Murphy, Eleanor Lorimer, Jean Crawford and Olga O’Neill were congratulated on the birth of grandchildren over the summer.

Well done to Jill Crockard who won section A in the WI golf competetion. Joanna Warwick was wished a Happy Birthday. The craft ladies were congratulated on winning 1st prize at Antrim Show with their joined WI entry. Anna Murphy, Linda Millar, Mary Crothers, Phyllis Currie, Pearl Hanna, Margaret McKay and Angela Currie were also congratulated on winning prizes at Balmoral, Antrim and Ballymena Shows. Magazine winner was Pearl Hanna. Competition A Honey Pot: 1st Jean Smyth, 2nd Maura Ellis and 3rd Elsa Witherspoon.

Evening ended with A Country Womans Song.