Kings Cup Grand National

Roy and Catherine Magill (Muckamore) holding Champion Paula, the Kings Cup winner from St Allouestre
Roy and Catherine Magill (Muckamore) holding Champion Paula, the Kings Cup winner from St Allouestre

The Blue Riband Grand Nat Kings Cup was flown from St Allouestre in France last Tuesday 5th July, race marking had been delayed because of the weather.

Liberation was at 6.00am in a light Northerly wind and none of the 2,970 bird entry from lofts across Ireland made home lofts on the day.

Kevin and Geraldine Carson of Crumlin, holding their winner 4th Open in the Kings Cup

Kevin and Geraldine Carson of Crumlin, holding their winner 4th Open in the Kings Cup

News came through of early birds in the Dublin area just after 5.00am next morning and following that some early birds up North which included Mr and Mrs Magill in Randalstown at 8.17am flying 497 miles to be best in the Kings Cup.

Champion Paula (named Paula after their daughter whose birthday was on 6 July) was a two year old old Blue Cheq hen, unraced as young bird, trained to Newry 40 miles, also unraced as yearling trained to Balbriggan 80 miles with Tom Cairns.

This year she had three inland races, raced every two weeks, then 2nd Talbenny and 2nd Fermoy comeback the day of Penzance. No training tosses after her first race only free loft flying and full hopper. Raced on Roundabout until return from 2nd Talbenny, then paired and sent to Kings Cup on small young birds.

Dam is daughter of their three times France hen which was 11th and 93rd Open Kings Cup (11th Open the year Jimmy Greer from Cullybackey won the Kings Cup) when paired to their Merit Award winner. Sire is son of their four times France cock when paired to a daughter of their 11th Open hen and a direct son of Red Laddie (INFC Hall of Fame winner for Liam McCall of Wicklow). This cock was obtained from good friend from Randalstown Anthony McNeill. Breeding would be 7/8 Jan Aarden and 1/8 Liam McCall.

Hugh Boyd of Randalstown holding his MAC winner in the Kings Cup

Hugh Boyd of Randalstown holding his MAC winner in the Kings Cup

Mr and Mrs Magill still live in Randalstown but now race their birds with Muckamore HPS, interested only in long distance racing. In the late 80s they enjoyed great success winning Penzance YB Nat from Penzance in 1988 and the National Championship, and the next season from Sartilly the Friendship OB Nat. Nothing compares to winning the Blue Riband Kings Cup, A Simpson and Son brought the trophy to Randalstown in 1974 from Nantes with Champion Shean and Muckamore are also previous winners for Goudy Bros in 1964 also from Nantes.

Roy and Catherine have asked me to thank all the fanciers that called at their home, phoned, sent cards, and all in general who wished them well on their recent success.

Kevin Carson and Son from Crumlin and District timed a yearling Blue Pied hen at 9.05am to finish 1st Club, 2nd North Sect and 4th Open INFC at 487 miles and will collect McCloud Cup. The sire is a Van Reet cock which Kevin got from his brother Christy, P and C Carson of the Fortified HPS. The dam of 4th Open St Allouestre is bred by Kevin himself from his own family of birds which contain the bloodlines of Guy de Vinous and the late Billy Yarr of Crumlin. In the photograph is Kevin with his wife Geraldine. Geraldine says she does most of the work in the loft and was up at 4.00am to watch for the Kings Cup pigeons. In fact she does most of the clocking in as Kevin plays golf on Saturdays. The Blue Pied hen was raced up to the Sennen Cove Classic and was sent to the Kings Cup on two small young ones.

Back to Randalstown and another distance loft of Hugh Boyd who has enjoyed great recent success. He timed his three year old Blue Cheq Pied hen at 11.52am flying 497 miles to the Magherlane Road to take 1st Club, 1st MAC, 8th North Sect and 11th Open INFC. She flew St Malo last year finishing 4th Club, Hugh had three day arrivals. Her sire won a good result in a hard Talbenny race finishing 1st Section and 17th Open NIPA while the dam has been 2nd and 3rd Club from St Malo. Last year Hugh won the Bronze Diploma with the NIPA finishing 1st MAC, 1st Sect and 3rd Open NIPA 434/1477 and collects the Bronze Diploma, the year previous he finished 7th Comb and Sect plus 46th Open NIPA timing on the second day at 13.13hrs just over 100 birds home. I am pleased to report this bird turned up a week late in this seasons St Malo when just 139 birds were recorded in race time.

Henry Turkington (Kells) with his Blue cock winner of 33rd North Sect & 43rd Open INFC

Henry Turkington (Kells) with his Blue cock winner of 33rd North Sect & 43rd Open INFC

In Muckamore HPS Mr and Mrs Magill had a second bird to finish 28th Open and well done as well to Noel Lusty another long distance racer to time two arrivals for 13th and 55th Open INFC. Best in the borough of Ballymena was Henry Turkington of Kells and Dist doing velocity 504ypm for the 498 miles with two year old Blue cock he took 1st Club, 33rd North Sect & 43rd Open INFC. This is another loft that does well in the big National races in both NIPA and INFC.

INFC Kings Cup St Allouestre 712/2970 – M/M Magill Muckamore 723, A Kelly Skerries 703, S Richardson and Grand Dtr Balbriggan 686, K Carson & Son Crumlin 681, F Moran Malahide and Dist 680, C and L Fryers Dromara 674, J Braniff Fortfield 667, E Murtagh and Sons Ind North 665, N Thompson Comber Cent 637, E Murtagh and Sons 617, H Boyd Randalstown 614, P Brown and Son Annsborough 613, N Lusty Muckamore 606, G Benson Lisburn and Dist 606, A McAteer and Sons Ballyholland 600, L Magee and Son Lisburn and Dist 596, N Thompson 596, Mal Maguire and Son Millvale 594, J and W Smullen Rathnew 591, J Greenaway Bondhill 588.

Muckamore Centre St Allouestre - M/M Magill Muckamore723, K Carson and Son Crumlin 681, J Braniff Fortfield 667, H Boyd Randalstown 614, N Lusty Muckamore 606, M/M Magill Muckamore 542, A Gault Ballyclare and Dist 537, S Hughes Coalisland 530, R Duddy Ballyclare 526, H Turkington Kells and Dist 504, B and M Gilmore Doagh and Dist 463, N Lusty Muckamore 459, A Thompson Ballyclare 454.

MAC St Allouestre Kings Cup – H Boyd Randalstown 614.

Danny Dixon with his Lambrecht hen the MAC winner from Quimper at 493 miles

Danny Dixon with his Lambrecht hen the MAC winner from Quimper at 493 miles

Borough of Ballymena St Allouestre – H Turkington Kells & Dist 504.

INFC Clubs St Allouestre –

Muckamore – Mr & Mrs Magill 723, N Lusty 608, Mr and Mrs Magill 542, N Lusty 459.

Skerries – A Kelly 703, P Rock & Son 387.

Balbriggan – S Richardson and Grand Daughter 686, N Grant and Sons 344.

Crumlin & District – K Carson and Son 681.

Alan Darragh holding his first bird home in the Friendship Nat from Quimper

Alan Darragh holding his first bird home in the Friendship Nat from Quimper

Malahide & District – F Moran 680, 528, J Carey 520, J Doheny 489, 428.

Dromara – C and L Fryers 674, N Black and Son 376.

Fortfield – J Braniff 667.

Comber Central – N Thompson 637, 598.

Randalstown HPS – Hugh Boyd 614.

Annsborough – P Brown & Son 613, Gallagher Bros 489.

Lisburn & District – G Benson 606, L Magee and Son 598, G Benson 528, J McCready 526.

Ballyholland – A McAteer and Sons 600, 547, 461, T Gordon 443, C O’Hare and Son 438.

Millvale – Mal Maguire and Son 594, K Havern 504, Donnelly Bros 251.

Rathnew – J and W Smullen 591.

Bondhill – John Greenaway 588, Capper Bros 510.

Leinster Premier – Dempsey and O’Keefe 565.

Corrigs – W B Shaw 563.

Edgarstown - R Bell and Son 556, G and C Simmons 380.

Castlebellingham – J Sharkey 553, McKeown and McEvoy 523, Parkin and Cairns 444.

Bray South End 13/54 – Harris Bros 538. Only bird in Race Time, well done lads.

Ballyclare and Dist – A Gault 537, R Duddy 536, 526, A Thompson 454.

Coalisland – S Hughes 530.

Annaghmore – B and M McGilly 529, W G Neill 506, P Boyd 482, W G Neill 308.

Kells and District – H Turkington 504.

Newtownards – S Burns 497.

Dunedin – L McKinstry 488.

Wicklow South Road – T Smyth 485.

Laurelvale – G and C Topley 484.

Gilford and District – Adamson & Anderson 478.

Banbridge Social – J Brush 463.

Doagh and District B & M Gilmore 463.

Wilton Cross – C & J & B Ferris 430.

Ballybrack – O Donovan 417, S Doyle 239.

Northside – D Browne 408.

North West Cork – Mulcahy Bros 398.

Lagan Valley – S McAllister and Sons 364.

Ballynahinch HPS – W Catherwood and Sons 336.

Killyleagh Central – Gordon Bros and Sons 296.

Tyrella – D McNabb and Partners 282.

Derriaghy – R Benson 272.

Friendship Nat Quimper - Friday 08/07/16

Of the three races from France the Friendship Nat was last and it has probably been the best of the lot with 150 birds recorded at tea time on the second day of the three day event and all prizes filled.

Race marking was early morning on the Tuesday due to the fact the Kings Cup birds had been released that day and fanciers would be waiting on arrivals. Liberation was Friday 8th July at 6.30am in a Lt West NW wind, 246 members sent 1,134 birds.

Overall winner was Rev Sawyers and Son from Banbridge and best in the local Muckamore Centre was Calderwood and Waite of Shankill and Dist two birds close together to finish 2nd and 8th Open INFC. L and S O’Neill and Sons of Larne and Dist timed at 6.58pm for best bird in East Antrim and D and J Thompson of Muckamore timed at 8.19pm.

In the Borough of Ballymena, Alan Darragh had two birds on the day of the six birds in Muckamore Centre and four more on the second day for a super result. Danny Dixon from Dunloy was best in the MAC at 5.03pm second day flying 493 miles.

The Darragh first bird was a three year old Blue cock in the prizes from St Malo last year, all the best Swallow Brae breeding. He had just been paired up and was waiting on his second egg. Alan Darragh is a former Kings Cup winner and has won the Friendship Nat twice, from Fourgeres in 2002 and Portland in 2006.

INFC Friendship Nat Quimper 246/1134 - Rev. Sawyers and Son Banbridge 1154, Calderwood and Waite Shankill 1147, Burns Bros Comber 1144, I Parkes and Son Armagh 1143, P Dunlop Edgarstown 1134, L and S O’Neill and Sons Larne and Dist 1124, R Cassells Edgarstown 1111, Calderwood and Waite 1099, A Darragh Cullybackey 1093, H Silcock Dromara 1092, Donnelly Bros Millvale 1091, B Morgan Coalisland 1081, J F McCabe and Son Newry and Dist 1072, P Rock and Son Skerries 1068, P Rock and Son 1058, D Scott Glenavy 1057, S & Y Kane Newry and Dist 1057, A McAteer and Sons Ballyholland 1052, G Adair Crossgar 1047, C O’Hare and Son Ballyholland 1039.

Muckamore Centre Quimper – Calderwood and Waite Shankill 1147, L and S O’Neill and Sons Larne and Dist 1124, Calderwood and Waite 1099, A Darragh Cullybackey 1093, D J Thompson Muckamore 894, A Darragh 847, A Darragh 731, J Scott Crumlin 723, K Carolan Coalisland 717, Speirs and Campbell Cookstown 681, A Thompson Ballyclare 671, R Duddy Ballyclare 669, V Montgomery Kingsmoss 660, A Darragh 566, F Simpson Doagh and Dist 564, B Morgan Coalisland 559, A Darragh 558, McConville Bros Crumlin 557, D Dixon Rasharkin 509, A Darragh 503.

Borough of Ballymena Quimper - A Darragh Cullybackey 1093, A Darragh 847, A Darragh 731, A Darragh 566, A Darragh 558, D Dixon Rasharkin and Dist 509, A Darragh 503.

MAC Quimper Friendship Nat – D Dixon Rasharkin & Dist 509.

INFC Club Results Quimper

Banbridge – Rev Sawyers and Son 1154, M Conlon and Sons 664, Rev Sawyers and Son 649, 648, McCracken Bros 532.

Shankill & District – Calderwood and Waite 1147, 1099. Two birds away and both in top 10, what a result.

Comber Social – Burns Bros 1144, 1033, F Gilmore 1016, Burns Bros 705.

Armagh HPS – I Parkes and Son 1143, 1015.

Edgarstown – P Dunlop 1134, R Cassells 1111, A and R Neill 879, P Dunlop 747, 676, J Robinson 529, 516.

Larne and District HPS – L and S O’Neill & Sons 1124.

Cullybackey HPS – A Darragh 1093, 947, 731, 566, 558, 503.

Dromara – H Silcock 1092, N Black and Son 992, Russell Bros 985, N Black and Son 984, 970, 922, C and L Fryers 663, N Black and Son 539.

Millvale – Donnelly Bros 1091, T Mooney and Son 1027, H Walsh and Son 630.

Coalisland and District – B Morgan 1081, K Carolan 717, B Morgan 559.

Newry and District – J F McCabe and Son 1072, S and Y Kane 1057, 515, R Williamson 514.

Skerries – P Rock and Son 1068, 1058, N and C Shields 996, P Rock and Son 879, A Kelly 615, P Rock and Son 516.

Glenavy and District – D Scott 1057, D Coulter 942, 722.

Ballyholland – A McAteer and Sons 1052, C O’Hare and Son 1039, T Gordon 545.

Crossgar HPS – G Adair 1047.

Malahide and District – G O’Reilly 1038, 1006, J Doheny 949, G O’Reilly 907, T Speers 888, J Doheny 869, G O’Reilly 608.

Bleary – R Adamson 1032, 649.

Corcreeney – R Adamson 1032,649.

Ballynahinch HPS – W Catherwood and Sons 1032.

Balbriggan – N Grant and Sons 1022, J Guildea and Son 897, N Grant and Sons 896.

Laurelvale – G and C Topley 1010, 910, Dowey Bros 652. Well done to two top racers over the long distances which turned out to be three very hard races. They say the cream always rises to the top.

Muckamore – D J Thompson 994.

Beechpark Social – H Lynch and Son 975.

Bondhill – J Greenaway 967, M Robinson 696, J Greenaway 559.

Gilford & District – Rafferty and Toman 959, Cairns Bros and Fegan 526.

Monaghan – J Graham 940.

Annaghmore – W G Neill 934, 669, T McClean 536.

Banbridge Social – M Ewbanks 918, 903.

Annsborough – Gallagher Bros 900, R J Keown 645.

Arklow United RPC – Kenna and Finn 825, 713, P Lambert 692.

Grosvenor HPS – J Ramsey and Son 795.

Derriaghy – I Donaghy 767, Belshaw and Anderson 694.

Crumlin & District – J Scott 723, McConville Bros 557.

Newtownbreda – T Marshall and Son 697, 610, 522.

Loughgall – S Corrigan 697.

Andersonstown – O and M Monaghan 694.

Comber Central – N Thompson 685.

Cookstown Social – Speirs and Campbell 681.

Ballyclare & District – A Thompson 671, R Duddy 572.

Kingsmoss – V Montgomery 650.

Dromore HPS – J Kelly and Sons 645.

Castlebellingham – M/M Bingham 628.

Blackwatertown WE – Collins and Douglas 619.

Doagh & District – F Simpson 564.

Lisburn & District – R Topping and Son 556.

Newtownards – J McClenaghan 532.

Bessbrook – R McMinn and Daughter 532.

Ballymoney HPS – D Dixon 509.

Clubs will soon be collecting the £10 entries for the YB Gold Ring Races which will be NIPA Talbenny and INFC Skibbereen. Four rings maximum per loft for the member clubs in Mid Antrim Combine. The entry will determine the pay-out, deadline is marking for the opening young bird race this weekend.