Lambs selling to £87 and fat ewes to £140 at Swatragh Mart

Swatragh Mart
Swatragh Mart

Sheep: Lambs to £87.00 and fat ewes to £140.

A good show of over 1400 sheep were presented at Swatragh Livestock Mart on Saturday, which met a sharp trade for all types. A small entry of fat ewes was met with a sharp trade for well fleshed ewes, topping at £140.00. Lambs reached £87.00 for 26.8kg.

Sample prices:

Heavyweight lambs: Draperstown producer; 26.8kg at £87.00 = 3.25p; Garvagh producer; 26.5kg at £86.50 = 3.26p; Upperlands producer; 27.5kg at £86.40 = 3.14p; Swatragh producer; 26.4kg at £86.50 = 3.28p; Ahoghill producer; 25kg at £85.50 = 3.42p; Loughgeil producer; 26.5kg at £85.00 = 3.21p; Swatragh producer; 25.5kg at £85.50 = 3.35p; Garvagh producer; 25.8kg at £85.50 = 3.32p; Eglinton producer; 26.3kg at £84.50 = 3.22p and Kilrea producer; 25kg at £84.00 = 3.36p.

Mid-weight lambs: Dungannon producer; 24.5kg at £84.00 = 3.43p; Moneymore producer; 24.4kg at £83.80 = 3.43p; Glenullin producer; 24kg at £83.00 = 3.46p; Draperstown producer; 23kg at £83.50 = 3.63p; Dungiven producer; 23.8kg at £82.20 = 3.46p; Maghera producer; 22.3kg at £81.80 = 3.68p; Glengormley producer; 22kg at £80.80 = 3.67p; Castlerock producer; 22kg at £77.50 = 3.52p; Limavady producer; 21.3kg at £77.50 = 3.65p and Glengormley producer; 21.9kg at £79.20 = 3.77p.

Light weight lambs: Portglenone producer; 20.3kg at £74.00 = 3.65p; Upperlands producer; 19kg at £73.50 = 3.87p; Dungannon producer; 18.3kg at £74.00 = 4.05p; Draperstown producer; 17kg at £69.00 = 4.06p and Glengormley producer; 16.3kg at £62.50 = 3.85p.

Fat ewes: Magherafelt producer; £140; Maghera producer; £115; Ballymena producer; £94.00; Glenullin producer; £92.00 and Claudy producer; £91.

Cattle: Monday saw a seasonal show with heifers selling to £2.14 per kilo for a Blonde d'Aquitaine weighing 430kg at £920.

Bullocks sold to £2.10 per kilo for a Limousin weighing 420kg at £880.

Heifers: Swatragh producer; Blonde d'Aquitaine, 430kg at £920 = 2.14p; Limousin, 518kg at £1040 = 2.01p; Charolais, 502kg at £925 = 1.84p; Upperlands producer; Aberdeen Angus, 422kg at £720 = 1.71p; Limousin, 474kg at £750 = 1.58p; AA.486kg at £760 = 1.56p and Cookstown producer; Aberdeen Angus, 498kg at £820 = 1.65p.

Bullocks: Swatragh producer; Limousin, 420kg at £880 = 2.10p; Limousin, 388kg at £740 = 1.91p; Charolais, 522kg at £1015 = 1.94p; Charolais, 500kg at £1005 = 2.01p; Limousin, 420kg at £750 = 1.79p; Aberdeen Angus, 498kg at £820 = 1.65p; Magherafelt producer; Limousin, 432kg at £875 = 2.03p and Swatragh producer; Limousin, 470kg at £870 = 1.85p; Limousin, 360kg at £660 = 1.83p; Limousin, 404kg at £680 = 1.68p.

Payment on the day.

Producer incentive: There will be a £100 Northern Counties Farmware Store voucher to be won every month at both the sheep and cattle marts.

Cattle sale - Every animal sold will guarantee one entry into the monthly draw.

Sheep sale - Every 10 sheep sold will guarantee one entry into the monthly draw.

December 2019 sponsor: Danske Bank.

Please note: Swatragh Mart now offer payment by electronic transfer, a fast, easy, safe and secure way to receive payment for stock.

Cattle sale: Every Monday at 11.30am.

Sheep sale: Every Saturday at 10.30am.