Land changes will affect you

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Land owners are being urged to register their interests now to protect their building site or to have it developed under council’s Local Development Plans (LPD) which will redefine building boundaries throughout Northern Ireland.

Causeway Coast and Glens Council state that now is the time to act or ‘register your interest’ as all councils throughout Northern Ireland are currently undergoing a process of rezoning development boundaries under the LDP.

Super Councils are taking the lead in deciding what agricultural land should be included in settlement development and what land should fall outside it. It is a process of zoning and de-zoning.

Each Super Council is expected to submit their proposals, with Causeway Coast and Glens council anticipating Autumn 2017 for publication of its ‘Preferred Options Paper.’

If you want to protect or promote your agricultural land - make sure to get involved in the process now.

A statement released by Causeway Coast and Glens council encourages active participation from the public: “The Local Area Plan will set a clear vision for how the Borough should look in the future (up to 2030) by setting out a planning policy framework and details on what type and scale of development should be encouraged and where it should be located.

“Community involvement and engagement is a key part of Council’s decision making process”

The documents can be viewed at Causeway Coast & Glen’s Planning Office, County Hall, Castlerock Road, Coleraine, BT51 3HS, or online.

For additional information, 2020 Architects are providing open and impartial advice for anyone wanting to express their interest in having their site included for development potential, or alternatively to ensure planning permission on land is protected into the future. Representations can be made to council on your behalf.

For more information, telephone 028 2766 7999, email or visit