Large numbers of buyers present for Enniskillen cattle sale

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A good entry of cattle at Thursday’s sale with large numbers of buyers present in all rings.

Light weight bullocks sold from 200 to 233p for a CH 360kg @840. Medium weights sold from 195 to 222p for a LIM 410kg @910. Heavy lots sold from 190 to 215p for a CH 576kg @1240 and sold up to 1385 per head.

BULLOCKS: Dromore producer 360kg @ 840 CH, Dromore producer 380kg @ 870 LIM, Rosslea Producer 410kg @910 LIM, Derrygonnelly Producer 380kg @820 CH, Kesh Producer 404kg @865 CH, Kesh producer 444kg @940 CH , Brookeborough producer 576kg @1240kg , Ederney producer 540kg @1140 ANGUS, Brookeborough producer 598kg @1225 LIM, Magheraveely Producer 634kg @1300 CH, brookeborough Producer 538kg @1095 CH, Aughnacloy Producer 584kg @1180 LIM.

WEANLINGS producer

In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £1000 paid for a 390kg CH, while heifers ranged from £540 to £860 for a 411kg DAQ.

Ruling prices: Ballinamallard producer 411kg DAQ hfr @860, 368kg DAQ steer @760, Lisnaskea producer 395kg SIM steer @860, 303kg SIM steer @675, 340kg SIM steer @695, Belleek producer 280kg CH steer @705, 223kg CH bull @590, 286kg CH bull @690, Trillick producer 412kg CH steer @900, 407kg LIM hfr @700, Garrison producer 305kg CH bull @740, 283kg CH hfr @620, 308kg CH hfr @790, 342kg CH hfr @700, Enniskillen producer 324kg LIM steer @700, 270kg LIM hfr @565, 272kg SIM hfr @555, Roslea producer 378kg CH bull @775,301kg LIM hfr @640, 321kg CH bull @720

CALVES ‘2 MONTHS’: Springfield Producer LIM bull @460, Springfield Producer LIM bull @430, Garrison Producer LIM hfr @410, Trillick Producer HER hfr @430, Brookeborough Producer CH hfr @410, Irvinestown Producer CH hfr @410, Irvinestown Producer CH hfr @400, Trillick Producer SH bull @415

CALVES: Florencecourt producer HER hfr @365, Florencecourt producer HER hfr @345, Kesh producer CH hfr @315, Letterbreen producer SIM hfr @345, Drumcose producer BB hfr @265, Killadeas producer BB bull @260, Kesh producer ANGUS hfr @240, Derrygonnelly producer FRI bull @62, Derrygonnelly producer FRI bull @85

SUCKLER COWS: Boho producer CH cow with bull calf @1730, Garrison producer SIM cow with Hfr calf @1410, Kesh producer LIM cow with bull calf @1350, Trillick producer LIM cow with Hfr calf @1340, Omagh producer CH cow with bull calf @1300, Dromore producer SIM cow with Hfr calf @1250, Springfield producer SPG LIM hfr @1360, Irvinestown producer Maiden SIM bull @1050, Omagh Producer LIM bull @1150.


Forward lots sold to 204ppk paid for a 580kg CH @1180and to a top of £1285. Medium weights from 182- 227ppk paid for a 95kg SIM @900.

Omagh producer 480kg CH @ 1045. Irvinestown producer 520kg CH @1060. Irvinestown producer 480kg CH @1005. Tempo Producer 480kg CH @975. Letterbreen Producer 425kg CH @900. Garrison Producer 395kg CH @900.

Fat cows

Forwards lots sold to 166ppk paid for a 588kg CH at £975 and to a top of £1010.

Light weights sold ranging from 100 – 195ppk paid for a 460kg SIM £895, 770kg CH @1010, 760kg CH @1000, 750kg CH @910, 555kg CH @975, 670kg CH @950.