Larger entry of cattle at Enniskillen Mart

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A much larger entry of cattle on offer this week.

Light weight bullocks sold from 200 to 233p for a Ch 352kg at 820.

Medium weights sold from 190 to 228p for a Ch 452kg at 1030.

Heavy lots sold from 185 to 218ppk for a Ch 518kg at 1130 and sold up to 1270 per head.


Irvinestown producer Ch 380kg at 820 = 233p. Garrison producer Ch 452kg at 1030 = 228p. Letterbreen producer Ch 452kg at 1030p. Derry Lester producer Ch 372kg at 850 = 222p. Kesh producer Ch 470kg at 1050 = 223p. Irvinestown producer Ch 382kg at 850 = 222p. Irvinestown producer Ch 380kg at 840 = 221p. Boho producer Ch 518kg at 1130 = 218p. Irvinestown producer AA 584kg at 1270 = 217p. Monea producer Ch 512kg at 1060 = 207p.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £650 to £950 paid for 440kg Ch while hfr ranged from £500 to £850 for a 341kg Ch.

Ruling prices

Belleek producer 278kg Ch hfr at 675, 300kg Ch hfr at 725, 215kg Ch hfr at 500, Kinawley producer 261kg Ch hfr at 600, 312kg Ch hfr at 675, 300kg Ch hfr at 720, 247kg Ch hfr at 645, Garrison producer 253kg Ch bull at 690, 256kg Ch bull at 715, 247kg Lim bull at 670, 263 Ch bull at 695, Irvinestown producer 354kg AA hfr at 805, 265kg Ch hfr at 630, 161kg AA bull at 450, Enniskillen producer 280kg Ch hfr at 735, 240kg Ch bull at 665, 307kg Ch bull at 810, Derrylin producer 362kg Lim bull at 715, 275kg Sim hfr at 670, 274kg Sim hfr at 775, 278kg Ch bull at 605. Letterbreen producer 333kg Ch steer at 815, 325kg BB steer at 715, 385kg Lim at 835, 343kg Ch hfr at 740. Lisnaskea producer 672kg Ch bull at 865, 321kg Ch bull at 815, 324kg Ch bull at 885.


Dungannon producer Ch hfr at 425, Garrison producer Ch bull at 400, Lisnaskea producer Ch bull at 400, Drumlose produce BB hfr at 350, Letterbreen producer BB bull at 340, Letterbreen producer BB bull at 335, Letterbreen producer BB bull at 325, Letterbreen producer AA hfr at 320, Letterbreen producer AA bull at 310, Springfield producer Lim bull at 320, Tempo producer BB bull at 305, Rosslea producer Lim hfr at 300, Springfield producer Fr bull at 80.


Irvinestown producer Lim cow with bull calf at 1630, Strabane producer Ch cow with bull calf at 1340, Omagh producer Here cow with bull calf at 1040, Lisnaskea producer Ch cow with hfr calf at 1450.


Forward lots sold to 211ppk paid for a 555kg Ch at 1170. Other cleared lots from 180-223ppk paid for a 286kg Ch at 640, Ballinamallard producer 550kg Ch at 1170, Springfield producer 570kg Ch at 1155, Bailmallard producer 550kg Ch at 1170, Derrylin producer 550kg Ch at 1115, Derrylin producer 560kg Ch at 1100, Springfield producer 500kg Ch at 1130, Springfield producer 530kg Ch at 1055, Enniskillen producer 500kg Ch at 1000, Enniskillen producer 460kg Ch at 935.

Fat cows

684kg Ch at 1100 at 160p, 778kg Ch at 1080 at 139p, 660kg Her at 870 at 132p, 644kg Ch at 750 at 116p, 788kg Lim at 920 at 116p, 534kg Lim at 665 at 124p, 680kg Lim at 810 at 119p, 746kg Ch at 920 at 123p, 634kg Fr at 680 at 107p, 694kg Lim at 1305 at 188p, 970kg Lim at 1070 at 110p.