Larger show of cattle at Pomeroy

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A larger show this week sold to an excellent trade.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: E Grimes £870/430kg, £835/450kg, £835/430kg, £765/420kg, W Moore £750/390kg, Brian Fitzgerald £735/380kg, Peter Monaghan £705/450kg, £680/390kg, Siobhan Hagan £650/370kg, William Moore £645/300kg, Peter Monaghan £600/360kg, £475/270kg.

HEIFERS: Michael Loughran £1100/580kg, £1070/580kg, £1050/550kg, £1030/540kg, Brian O’Neill £815/420kg, £805/400kg, £795/410kg, Peter and Allison Todd £810/400kg, £800/420kg, £725/390kg, C Jefferson £810, William and Lynne £800/420kg, Bracken Hill Farm £790, W Fleming £790/390kg, £780/380kg, Martin Rafferty £755/390kg, Francis McCullagh £740/410kg, Oliver O’Neill £710/360kg, £700/370kg, £695/370kg.