Larger show of cattle at Pomeroy

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A larger show this week sold to an excellent trade.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Plunkett Begley £1055/570kg, Patrick McKernan £890/420kg, £865/420kg, £850/410kg, £815/370kg, £790/380kg, £790/370kg, £780/370kg, £745/390kg, Brian Lagan £775/400kg, George Mitchell £770/320kg, W Spence £750/340kg,£745/370kg, Darryl Gillespie £730/310kg,£ 710/300kg, £700/330kg Eamon McNabb £730/350kg, Brian Graham £720/430kg, Margaret McVeigh £710330kg, Michael McWilliams £695/330kg, K Jefferson £680/320kg, £680/320kg, Daryl Gillespie £670/310kg, £665/340kg, Charles McNabb £665/310kg,

HEIFERS: Mark Cardwell £900/440KG, Patrick Fox £845/500kg, Justin McElduff £795,£720,£660/570kg, M Cardwell £755/410kg, £675/430kg, Charles McNabb £680/340kg, £660/350kg, £615/310kg, £600/290kg, £600/300kg, £570/310kg, Kieran Donnelly £670/450kg, Daryl Gillespie £625/300kg, Patrick Fox £560, Patrick McKernan £520/280kg