Larger turnout at Lisnaskea mart

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A larger turnout this week sold to a sharp demand especially for quality lots with many more required to supply a large attendance of buyers.


Suckler Cows & Calves: Florencecourt Producer £1125 for an 06 Cow & Bull Calf with £870 for a Heifer turned out incalf to Lim. Bull. Lisnaskea Producer £1100 for 07 Cow & Heifer Calf £1095 for Heifer & Heifer Calf £1020 for 07 Cow & Heifer Calf and £870 for 08 Cow & Heifer Calf.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Lisnaskea Producer £1110 for 610kg, £752 for 280kg, and £740 for 410kg. Newtownbutler Producer £390kg to £875. Derrylin Producer £380kg to £855 and 300kg to £785. Lisnaskea Producer 360kg to £845 and 350kg to £840. Enniskillen Producer 360kg to £710. Florencecourt Producer 270kg to £658. Newtownbutler Producer 430kg to £600. Letterbreen Producer 300kg to £575 and 270kg to £458. Kinawley Producer 310kg to £500.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Florencecourt Producer 320kg to £845 and 300kg to £615. Derrylin Producer 440kg to £788. Enniskillen Producer 290kg to £710 twice. Newtownbutler Producer 290kg to £672. Newtownbutler Producer 260kg to £670. Kinawley Producer 290kg to £650. Aghalane Producer 280kg to £600 twice. Letterbreen Producer 280kg to £600 and 240kg to £528. Newtownbutler Producer 280kg to £592. Lisnaskea Producer 290kg to £518. Lisbellaw Producer 200kg AA. to £316

STORE HEIFERS: Derrylin Producer 470kg to £926. Lisnaskea Producer 360kg to £732, 400kg to £645, 380kg to £645, 370kg to £645 and 320kg to £555