Latest EU farmgate milk prices decrease

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According to DairyCo the February EU weighted average milk price stood at €31.84/100kg (24.30ppl), up €0.08/100kg (0.3%) on the previous month.

Compared with the previous year, the weighted average EU price for February was down €8.07/100kg (20.2%), this was a decrease on the year of 9.58ppl.

The average UK farmgate price in February stood at €35.67/100kg (27.23ppl), which was the third highest price of any nation in the EU15 after Greece and Finland.

The EU15 weighted average price stood at €32.33/100kg (24.68ppl) in February, €0.09/100kg (0.3%) up on January, but was €8.23/100kg (20.3%) lower than the February 2014 average.

Looking at the top-five milk producing countries for this month (Germany, France, UK, Netherlands and Italy), the average February price was €33.00/100kg which was a €0.56/100kg (1.7%) increase compared with the previous month.

From a production point of view January 2015 saw 11,628 million litres of milk delivered to dairies in the EU-28, a decrease of 6 million litres (0.1%) on January 2014.

For the milk year beginning April 2014, there is a cumulative year on year increase of 3.3%. Compared with the previous month, there is an increase of 236 million litres (2.1%) following seasonal trends.

Comparisons between January 2014 and January 2015 showed that only 12 of the EU-28 member states showed an increase in deliveries.

The five largest milk producing members in January 2015 (Germany, France, UK, Netherlands and Italy) produced a combined figure of 7,760 million litres.

These five countries contributed 66.7% of the total milk delivered in EU-28 countries.

Italy showed the largest year on year increase in percentage terms, with January 2015 deliveries at 890 million litres - an increase of 82 million litres (10.2%).

The UK had the ninth largest percentage increase on the year of 1.2%, however, it had the second largest volume increase in the EU of 14 million litres.