Latest prices for cattle and sheep at Swatragh

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A seasonal entry of quality cattle on Monday, 13th June met a flying trade with a good ring of buyers with some very good prices.

more quality stock is required to meet demand. Heifers selling to £800 for 396kg (£2.02 per kg), with Bullocks selling to £800 for 320kgs (£2.50 per kg).

Sample prices:

Heifers: Swatragh Producer; 396kg £800; 480kg, £860; 446kg, £750.

Bullocks: Swatragh Producer 320kg, £800; 380kg, £850; 390kg, £850; 406kg, £840; 424kg £870; Magherafelt Producer 430kg, £555; 366kg, £695; 392kg, £695; Maghera Producer 492kg, £815; 460kg, £855; Magherafelt Producer 280kg,£370; 308kg, £500.

Another super entry of 685 sheep at Swatragh on Saturday 11th June witnessed a very solid lamb trade. Several pens of lambs sold well in excess of £81 each to a top rate of £86.50. Ewes sold to £91.00, Ewes and Lambs sold to £182.00.

Sample prices:

Heavyweight Lambs: Cookstown Producer 1 Lamb 25kg at 86.50 =346p; Coleraine Producer 12 Lambs 25kg at 85.00 = 340p; Coagh Producer 1 Lamb 25kg at 83.50 = 334p; Garvagh Producer 3 Lambs 25kg at 83.00 =332p; Maghera Producer 2 Lambs 23.5kg at 82.00 = 349p; Dungiven Producer 4 Lambs 25kg at 81.00 = 324p.

Middleweight Lambs: Garvagh Producer 24 Lambs 23kg at 81.00 = 352p; Coleraine Producer 6 Lambs 22.75kg at 80.00 =352p; Bellaghy Producer 13 Lambs 22kg at 80.00 =364p; Garvagh Producer 2 Lambs 23kg at 80.00 =348p; Dungiven Producer 4 Lambs 23kg at 79.80 = 347p; Cookstown Producer 10 Lambs 22.5kg at 78.00 =347p.

Ewes: Swatragh Producer 2 Texels at 91.00; Coleraine Producer 1 Texel at 90.00.

Payment on the day

Producer Incentive: There will be £100 Northern Counties Farmware Store Voucher to be won every month at both the Sheep and Cattle Marts.

Cattle Sale – Every animal sold will guarantee one entry into Monthly Draw.

Sheep Sale – Every 10 Sheep sold will guarantee one entry into Monthly Draw.

June Sponsor:

Cattle Sale – Sponsored by Bank of Ireland

Sheep Sale – Sponsored by Texacloth Wool Merchants

Please note: Texacloth Wool Merchants will be collecting wool on Wednesday, 15th June from 10am to 3pm at the Farmware Store Yard and fortnightly after that.