Latest prices from Downpatrick

At the fortnightly cattle sale at Downpatrick on Monday night, there was an average entry of light weight stores.

The top price per kg on the night went to a Ballynoe farmer for well bred LIM bullock at 368kg £890.00 (2.41ppk). In the heavy weight bullocks category, a Strangford farmer presented a 524kg AA £850.00 (1.62ppk). In the heifer sections a Downpatrick farmer presented a well breed Lim 200kg £380.00 (1.90ppk). Leading prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: Ballynoe farmer 368kg LIM £890 (2.41ppk) ,Leggamaddy farmer 392kg LIM £890(2.27ppk)& 382kg LIM £845(2.21ppk), Ardglass farmer 294kg CH £650 (2.22ppk), Bonecastle farmer 220kg LIM £475 (2.16ppk), Leggmaddy farmer 438kg LIM £925(2.11ppk) & 402kg LIM £840(2.09ppk)& 444kg CH £925 (2.08ppk), Downpatrick farmer 344kg LIM £710(2.06ppk), Bonecastle farmer 240kg LIM £480 (2.00ppk), Seaforde farmer 426kg AA £810(1.90ppk), Clough farmer 338kg CH £640 (1.89ppk), Dromara farmer 464kg BB £850(1.83ppk), Strangford farmer 414kg AA £750 (1.81ppk), Dromara farmer 386kg BB £690(1.79ppk), Raholp farmer 386kg AA £630 (1.75ppk), Ardglass farmer 390kg AA £670(1.72ppk), Loughinsland farmer 580kg FR £580(1.69ppk), Strangford farmer 438kg AA £435(1.68ppk) & 524kg AA £850(1.62ppk), Loughinsland farmer 520kg SH £770(1.48ppk), Ballynoe farmer 412kg AA £595(1.45ppk) & Castlescreen farmer 574kg FR £785(1.37ppk).

HEIFERS: Castlewellan farmer 200kg LIM £380 (1.90ppk) Bonecastle farmer 214kg LIM £400(1.87ppk), Annalong farmer 388kg LIM £695(1.79ppk), Bonecastle farmer 276kg LIM £480 (1.74ppk) & Kilkeel farmer 374kg LIM £545 (1.46ppk).

At the weekly sheep sale last Saturday 23/05/15 fat lambs made to £78.00 and fat ewes to £96.00. Leading prices as follows;

FAT LAMBS: Ardglass farmer 31kg £78.00, Crossgar farmer 23kg £73.00, Newcastle farmer 23kg £72.00, Ballee farmer 24kg £81.00, Killough farmer 25kg £65.00

FAT EWES: Ardglass farmer £96, Ballykilbeg farmer £86, Ardglass farmer £80, Bonecastle farmer £82, Newcastle farmer £81, Clough farmer £80, Ballynoe farmer £78, Corbally farmer £78, Downpatrick farmer £76, Tyrella farmer £73 & £72.